Bring Some Variety into Your Life

If you’ve ever marveled at somebody’s creative prowess, guess what—you can create and innovate too and create a variety of different experiences for yourself—it just takes a little time. Everyone is born creative but in a unique and different way. The paint box you saw on your teacher’s table in grade school was not limited to her use alone. Everybody has the potential to develop the many creative aspects of their being. Don’t listen to what other people tell you that you can or cannot do. Follow your own inclinations. Allowing for the input of other people will only bring discord to the music you are trying to make. If you have an original idea, don’t waste your time and effort trying to make people understand. They won’t. And the help you will probably get will often come in the form of negative feedback. Did the geniuses of old listen to their peers? If they did we wouldn’t have the marvelous inventions we have today.

Some of the most innovative people from past eras have taken a nap, a daydream, and come up with an invention no one else thought of. Others have gained tremendous inspiration while taking a walk. Exercising certainly clears your head and allows different things to pop into your mind—especially creative pursuits. Make a note of these different things; there may be gold among them. Record your dreams. Aren’t some of them just the most vivid imaginations your conscious mind would never have thought of? This shows you the untapped innovative power you have lying within. So don’t waste it. Those dreams may just create an innovative spark in you. Be passionate about what you do! Nothing will work without passion. What makes you leap out of bed full of vim and vigour of a morning? What keeps the flame of ideas burning? What is the one idea that you wish you had the money to develop? Sometimes people with talent are walked over by the people who want it more. Sometimes you just want something so badly you become virtually unstoppable. This is what I mean by passion. Passion will keep you going. Without it, you may end up not doing anything.

But you also need inspiration; inspiration hits when you least expect it to, for those unpredictable yet inevitable moments you should always be prepared by having pen and paper handy. An idea could strike you as you are driving to work, or on the bus, and if you do not have a sheet of paper to jot down a thought that could change your life – need I say more? Avoid these disasters. Have a pen and paper with you at all times. Let a variety of ideas flow through your mind every day. Keep in mind that you’re doing these things for your own benefit and not anybody else’s. At this time you don’t want negative input. If you are successful, of course this will benefit everyone else as well. So explore the different areas of your mind; you might just discover some untapped resource, and mbring some variety into your life! The painting attached is one of my own creative inspirations from a long time ago.



Hands on Healing

In ancient times, the custom of hands on healing was widespread. This ancient healing practice is referred to frequently in Christian literature; it is recorded that even the Master Jesus often laid his hands on people before healing them. So healers, whether they come from an ancient era or more modern times, use the same technique of connecting to their source, in whatever manner they may refer to this divine essence. Jesus referred to it as Father. People living in more modern times refer to it as the Higher Self, the Master Within, or other names.

Science has found that it actually predates the Christian era as it is found depicted in illustrations, paintings and carvings on the walls of the ruins of ancient Egypt. If you look at the Egyptian pictures, you will always find the person with two hands over the head or body part of another. To the Egyptian high priests, the divine essence of the gods was thought to be imparted through the hands to those who knelt before them. You will often see the ritual of the laying on of hands also used in conferring kingship. Utilization of the vital energies of the body through this ancient procedure has been perpetuated since Egyptian times, and probably even before that. Many remarkable cures have been reported by individuals who have shown a particular disposition in this regard.

We all know that touching ‘where it hurts’ helps to heal the pain and we see this quite often when a child hurts its knee and runs to its mother for comfort. The mother touches and kisses the knee better and a minute later the child is happily running around as if there were nothing wrong.

In adults, the healers hands must come into contact with the body of the sick person, the sick animal or the sick plant. The sick area of the body, always feels tense, rigid, taut, stiff, tight and resistant to the healers touch. Those on whom you are using laying on of hand healing should keep their eyes closed till they no longer feel pain and discomfort, in that part of their bodies. This gives the energies the chance to dispel the blockage or congested energy in the aura or other part of the body.

As previously mentioned, a similar effect can also be achieved on animals and plant life. Some university scientists have conducted a series of experiments that indicated a significant increase in the growth rate of certain seeds when healers held their hands over the seedlings for a period of several minutes. Further experiments have reportedly compared the growth rate of untreated seeds with those treated and held by three persons suffering from a variety of mental disorders or psychological problems, and with seeds treated and held by a normal healthy individual. After much experimentation, subsequent statistical analysis showed that the seeds that were treated and held by a normal person produced significantly more and taller seedlings than were produced in the other groups.

Because of scientific skepticism it has yet to be established in scientific establishments whether the increased growth rate was the result of magnetic energy flowing through the hands or whether it was the result of a parapsychological faculty, or telekinetic effect, on plant growth. It probably will be determined that the latest laboratory techniques of the twentieth century have only confirmed what was commonly understood and applied in past ages.

None-the-less, healers know that the energy flows through them from a higher source; it does not come from the healer’s body—it come s through the healer. This is why healing does not deplete a person applying hands on healing.

Enter the Silence

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 12.14.04 pmThe most sacred energies that we know are contained within the Holy Silence that we are calling Atava.  When you enter the silence, you will have an inner knowing that it is composed of the vibrations of Universal Light. As you become sensitive to the Light vibrations, you may become aware of its living presence.

The essence of the Silence is to be sought in the power of the Light in the form of unconditional Love. And pulsing deep within the Light is the essence of the Source of All That Is.

Take a couple of deep breaths: in through the nose, sighing the breath out through the mouth…Pause. Quietly summon the silence around you, and then enter the silence Feel it surround you like a soft velvety presence, so that you no longer can distinguish up or down or sideways. There is just a feeling of being. Enter the silence and jus rest in this energy and after a while, you will feel attuned to a presence of a very fine vibration interpenetrating your body. Try to be still within and without knowing that the Source has entered your being to assist and inspire you…Pause 5 min.

This is the first part of the exercise. We are now going to personalise the meditation, to bring it down into a more human concept. Since it is easier to communicate with images that most resemble us, I am going to ask you to develop a personal idea of a loving intelligence that we normally call the higher self that is always ready and waiting to assist you when you learn to attune and listen. This can in many ways hasten the healing of the body, soul and the mind.

This aspect of yourself has put down a drop of itself in you, but remains in the higher levels of consciousness, It is important that you allow an image to build in your mind’s eye and attempt to feel the reality of that individualised presence in front of you. Know that it is connected to you by a ray of Light, a stream of energy that flows into every cell in your body.

Ask the presence in front of you to fill you with as much love and light as your body is capable of withstanding at this point in time. See the tiny lines of light reaching out to connect with every cell in your physical body. Try to sense your closeness to the Source of your own being, the more profoundly you can visualise this experience and connection, the greater will be the healing…hold the visualisation for a minute or so until you can feel the energy coming into your body like soft tingles. This is the higher self awakening your cellular memory;  then just relax and enjoy the experience…as you enter the silence of your own soul.