Generate Healthy Conversation

dreamstime_1771209If you seem caught in the going nowhere trap, break out of the habit of talking about nothing, and generate healthy conversation. If you are married, especially with children, many times, you may find yourself sitting around the dinner table with the conversation consisting of nothing more than: “Do you like your carrots?” or “I wonder what is on TV tonight?”

It is much better to ask questions showing real interest about what is going on with everyone, and generate healthy conversation with questions and answers: Replace the normal, “Did you have a good day at school?” with “Tell me what you did at school today.” This should certainly generate healthy conversation between you and your children, and then you can help them with any difficulties they may have encountered.

You can also have this interchange with your partner, by asking the same: Tell me what you did at work today.” Even if you do not understand everything being said, listen with interest and ask the occasional question; too many people seem to have lost the art of conversation. It is not that you are so much interested in the work, but in your partner’s life and how he or she is managing.

Now of course, stimulating conversation does depend a lot of the type of temperament you have. Sanguines, of course, naturally have the gift of the gab and can talk under water. But for a Melancholic partner, conversation may be really difficult, so if one partner is lacking in conversational skills, it will be up to the mate to draw that person out and be the one asking the questions to generate healthy conversation.