Dinner Party

iStock_000006695282XSmallWhy not start a new tradition with your friends, by hosting a dinner party every month, and inviting several of you and your mate’s friends to interact in a way that is different and challenging. Set it up as a rotating dinner party and have the couple hosting for that month, be responsible for the readings or the board games, if you don’t want to do readings.

Set up board games that everyone will enjoy, or if you prefer just do Tarot or Angel readings, astrology readings, or pendulum dowsing for each other afterwards. The couple hosting will do the readings on the particular night. If one partner does not wish to do readings, then let that one be responsible for organizing drinks and supper, or keeping other people, who don’t want a reading, entertained in a different way, maybe by having a quiet discussion on a subject you might wish to explore.

This is an excellent way for getting to know people on a totally different level, to hone your communication skills, and at the same time, develop your intuition. Many a person has discovered that they have a real talent in an area that they never even thought about before. This might take a little organizing, but there are now numerous decks of Angel cards, Tarot cards, and cards for developing the intuition.

Spending time with friends at a dinner party is also a great way to reduce stress. When stress is low, couples get along better. This is a wonderful way to interact with each other’s friends as a couple.