Young Wiccan Spirit Doll

photoHere is a beautiful spirit doll that plays host to a young Wiccan practitioner. She is a highly evolved white light spirit and can assist with white magic, spell casting, herbalism and ritual.

Wicca was her life, until she passed at age 23. She was married but never had any children. She has chosen to remain earthbound so that she may help others in their magic and spellwork. She has shared with me that she passed from her life being taken from her. I believe this is one reason she chose such a gorgeous doll host. She is a very sweet, tranquil and helpful spirit to have in your collection. She loves the company of my other spirit dolls. She is an exquisite spirit to have around and also very benevolent, but she needs love and affection.ElvenSpiritDoll4

She will also help you to lift your frequency so that you can become accomplished in your magical or meditation operations. She acts at her will, not by your demand. Melora was studying to be a priestess. She lived in America about 120 years ago. She was dedicated, and helped all those who came to her. She was one of the few who realized the dead had as much to say and needed almost as much help as the living.

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