Publishing eBooks Online

We have just started to publish our college publications online and have discovered many great tools to assist in the process. Our latest ebook is on the Kindle platform and we are really impressed with the ease of publishing your ebook. You can put it up directly as word document. The formatting is a little limited when it comes to pictures but the rest is just great. am loving publishing on Kindle you should try it. If you think you would like to publish your own ebooks online you can check out Kindle here.

Our first books up on the Kindle platform are from our How to… $7 Dollar eBooks range and give great information on relaxing and meditation.

How to Relax 

Kindle CoverThis book will describe how stress affects you, then give you various exercises to assist you to relax. Understanding the metaphysical impact of stress and the importance of relaxation will change your life.



How to Heal through Meditation

How to Heal Through Meditation OrangeHealing has always been on the planet, channeling through different people at different periods of time.
In reality, there is only one healing function, but the way people use it is totally different, and depends on the modality being practiced. However, the energy comes from the same source, regardless of the method used.


We are excited to have our eBooks available to you and hope they assist you on your journey to the soul.