The Power Within

There are millions of human beings on the planet today who are poverty stricken, illiterate, suffering from disease or severe illness, or who endure untold other problems. It is a struggle for these people to survive in an atmosphere of dejection and despondency. Life to them is a burden; it is far from being peaceful or even pleasant. Many of those who suffer seem to be caught an inescapable trap. They are convinced that there is nothing they can do, as they are victims of circumstances not of their own creation. It is sad that these people never expect the situation to change and are reconciled to a continuing life of sorrow, illness and unhappiness.

Sometimes some of them turn to those who apparently seem to have been blessed as richly as they have been cursed malevolently. They often assume that those who enjoy the richness of life acquired it in the same accidental manner as they inherited their life of abject misery.

If they have any strength about them, they will use the deprivation and suffering to stir an emotional spark within them; sometimes anger, sometimes frustration. But unfortunately this usually emerges as a negative reaction. While the self-generated force is good in a way, it is still negative and not what is needed; it would be better applied as a positive force in the form of determination or assertiveness. All too often this new-found energy is wasted in rebellion against “the haves” and the government is often blamed also for their short comings. Sometimes this results in a rebellion that has for its prime goal, destruction. And this can be destruction of the only present source of relief available to them. So they perpetuate a vicious circle that they cannot break out of.

Why would they want everyone reduced to one level, the level of total suffering and total misery? In what way could such a victory help those now suffering and rebelling? It is hard to fathom the reasoning.


Whether we like to admit it or not all human beings are created equal in the sense that they arrive on this earth with only their body and they depart from it in the same way. During the interlude on the earth plane phase of their existence, they have the same struggle for survival, the same basic body to train and develop, the same brain to think and reason. So what is the difference? Why doesn’t each one have the same opportunities, the same good health, the same type of loving family, the same career opportunities?

Basically one’s journey through the earth plane relies on the Law of Karma. Briefly, this law holds that the Source of all being has made life eternal and has ordained that the human, the ultimate projection from the Godhead, shall earn and bestow his own rewards and punishments or adjustments, not only within the span of a lifetime, but more justly from one lifetime to another until perfection has been attained through the process of reincarnation.

In this manner, the Logos in its infinite wisdom does not favor one and punish another, like a stern but emotional father, but rather permits each human to compensate for his own errors. Thus one who cruelly oppresses others in one

lifetime may suffer the same oppression in another lifetime to balance out the energies and provide a source of rich learning at the same time. Mostly humans do not recall their past lives, as the burden would be often too great to bear, so they start off afresh each lifetime, and are born into the exact circumstances that are needed to provide the most opportunity for soul growth. Humans have simply observed and recorded that “man grows through suffering.” However, this Law of Karma is little understood and it would take many volumes to go into detail of all the variations, which is impossible to do in this short article.

However it is important to remember that the law also works in the opposite direction, good works prepare the person for good rewards! The Law of karma is really the balancing of the energies.

So what about those who do not seem to suffer the same degree of suffering and misfortune as the majority? What is their secret? What do these people have? They have tapped into the power within and have realized their full potential for this lifetime.

What is the power within? It is the creative spark of the Creator, our ultimate source, implanted in the fetus when the mother says her baby is quickening. The spark projects forward an emotional/mental body and it is here at the deepest level of this structure, that the facets containing the reincarnating principles are contained; facets relating to the primeval urges of self-preservation and reproduction. Other facets relate to the autonomic nervous system; some relate to the brain centres and the organs while other relate to the type of personality needed for this incarnation. All this goes in conjunction with the information contained within the chakra system.

So it is the realization and recognition of that power within that makes the difference in individual personalities. With the use of that power man can change his life and his world in accordance with his ability to desire to dream and to imagine.

The use of the power within is not dependent upon man’s environment or education. We could say that man’s environment and education are results of the power within! What is contained within is expressed without.

The mechanics of applying the power within are first the awareness of its presence as the divine spark within; the spark of Creative Source. This awareness allows us to depend upon ourselves and not have to depend entirely upon others, but that we have the power within our own being to change ourselves and our circumstances. We have been given a creative imagination to be able to do this and to attract what we desire into our lives to make for a fulfilling incarnation. One does not have to be rich to use the creative imagination—anyone can do this—in fact most do it and call it daydreaming, but most don’t use it scientifically to achieve results.

If you want to bring it into manifestation then you have to work hard to do so. Mother nature has provided a brain and the creative imagination as tools for you to use while on the earth plane, and the know how to do this but she does not provide the money to bring it about—this is where you keep visualizing and work hard to bring it into manifestation. So learn to use your God given power within and it will provide the increasing inspiration to do even more, “success breeds success.” But anyone can start with modest goals!

Of course there may not seem to be opportunities for the most underprivileged, but even they can begin with little goals and succeed because everyone has this power within and the power works for all. From little successes they can move on to larger goals, and from that to even great and famous goals. This is the history of humanity! Once upon a time, all men were underprivileged and suffering by today’s standards; how did we ever get by without our computers, iphones and TVs, even our fridges and washing machines? Except for some who used the power within to create these things for us, we would still be living in caves.

What is this power within? Your gift to achieve whatever it is you are supposed to do this lifetime. Don’t misuse it for frivolous things—but connect with your Higher Self and discover whatever it is you were put here on this planet to achieve. Use the power within!

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