Guided Imagery

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 3.34.56 pmThe effect of the environment on a highly spiritual person can be not only profound, but sometimes inwardly traumatic. We know the aberrations of such effects as they are described to us by those whose perceptions have been heightened by psychedelic drugs. In earlier times, such perception was often achieved through fasting, asceticism and constant prayer. Those who tread the spiritual path must always be alert to the fact that the whole body is becoming acutely aware. Some are now beginning to “see” sound as colour and geometric shapes. This happens when you reach an altered state while listening to music. The most wonderful geometrical shapes appear and disappear in a multitude of iridescent colors.

The whole of your multi-dimensional self including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels is starting to become a sounding board for wavelengths of energies not normally perceived by the five physical senses.

Some are not able to perceive anything and wonder what is wrong. NOTHING IS WRONG. Everything is going exactly as it should for everyone. We are all just at different stages of development and awareness. In fact, some have deliberately chosen to allow those faculties to remain latent this incarnation while they develop other aspects and facets that urgently need developing. Those who can’t “see” with the subtle sight, sometimes have a maked sense of clairsentience developed instead.

However, if you wish to develop these abilities, this can be achieved by intention and the desire to do so. This period can be difficult and stressful for the aspirant, even for the disciple, and it is a time when glamour and delusion are most likely to strike if one is unaware. It will help you if you remember that phenomena and psychic gifts are only a side-effect of walking a spiritual Path. THE JOURNEY IS THE IMPORTANT THING. It is how you handle your difficulties, your stress, your lack, your plenty, your spiritual sight or your lack of it that counts. Also remember that your guardian angel is always around you to lift you up and inspire you to do your best in any situation, so never think you are totally alone.

For those people who have difficulty “seeing,” guided imagery can assist in developing this faculty. Some people have this faculty developed to a marked degree, whilst others state that they cannot see a thing. With a little training, and particularly a little practice, it can become a very pleasant pastime. I’m sure you would have indulged in this pleasant past time as a child, but have somehow forgotten how to use it.

canstockphoto17015676Guided imagery can also be used to reduce stress. By imagery I mean not only pictorial imagery, but auditory, olfactory, tactile and kinesthetic images as well. Don’t get hung up on the fact that you don’t “see” well. We all know how certain smells can provoke certain images. Anyone can overcome a resistance to imagery by informing the right brain that it’s OK to use your imagination like you did when you were a child, like when you imagined the dot on the wall was a big hairy spider. If the inner eye part of you is relatively unknown to you, do not be deterred. There is a very good chance, that with the practice of certain guided imagery, it will rapidly emerge. Guided imagery can also be used very successfully as a relaxation technique. Relaxation has healing benefits and can easily be learned through the guided imagery technique.

For those who are interested in exploring Inner Child work, the nature of guided imagery is extremely beneficial. We do not grow out of childhood, we grow up around it. Therefore a part of us is, and ever shall be, the little child that we were; and even in this category, there are a number of variations associated with the Inner Child that need exploration and explanation; and if we are willing to observe ourselves, we can see this Inner Child in action many times a day.

The Inner Child then, is a very real verifiable and valuable part of ourselves. It is involved more with the feeling side, than the thinking side of us, because it originated during that period of development when we were capable of feeling more than thinking. It is the subconscious storehouse of our most joyful moments and sometimes our most unbearable anguish or pain. Guided Imagery can assist in releasing and healing inner hurt and pain.

Guided Imagery as taught through the College involves an inner journey that takes you through experiences from the physical plane which involves looking at acceptance of the current personality and then the changes that need to be accomplished and the states of consciousness that need to be changed in order to allow a descension of higher energies. The journey progresses and the next steps relate to the release of impediments at the emotional/mental level and the connection with the sub-personality.

Further steps involve meeting and activating your masculine and feminine sides, and activating the pranic tube. The final steps involve preparation for meeting the deeper aspects of the inner you, commonly termed the Higher Self, the Inner Self, the Master Within, the Inner Teacher or the Energy Parent, and the responsibility which that entails.

We live in a time when stress is running rampant on our planet. No one escapes, but it just depends on how you handle it as to whether it will affect you adversely or not. Most people who meditate and use a specific guided imagery technique learn to handle their stress adequately, but sometimes extra support is needed at the deeper levels. This meditation can be undertaken at any time stress is prevailing in your life. It helps to clear aspects from all levels of the four-fold body structure, and bring back balance and harmony to daily living. This particular meditation has a two-fold purpose; one is learning to use and awaken abilities through guided imagery and the other is learning to handle the stress in your life.

This modality is through private tuition only. Please phone us on (07) 3219 2086 or email us here if you would like to make an appointment to experience this life changing meditation through the process of guided imagery and the channeling of healing energies.