Teachings—Are you looking for a Miracle?

canstockphoto9642466This information on this site is designed to provide students with an initial understanding of the purpose and construct of the teachings of the meditative path. Are you looking for a miracle? You may have noticed that when you begin to enquire about a deeper understanding of life, a doorway always opens and a pathway is shown. In these times of turbulence and stress, you have probably observed that more and more people are seeking a deeper and more definitive answer to life’s meaning and that such seekers come from all walks of life and from diverse backgrounds and occupations.

Are you someone who can no longer show a blind, unquestioning, unthinking acceptance of life? Are you someone who is searching for the deeper, mystical meaning of life or seeking to communicate with your Higher Self? It is this part of yourself that is propelling you towards life’s fullness so that you can experience the abilities that lie latent within you. It is also this part of yourself that will divulge the mystery of the path, because the mystery of the Higher Self embraces the walking of the path itself.

The ancients gave the injunction, “Man know thyself and then you will understand the secrets of the universe.” But how does one get to know the self? Pathways to Self Mastery is a teaching that provides the techniques for accomplishing this inner experience, allowing your latent abilities to gently awaken in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. The meditation is practical and demonstrable in daily life, and the travel upon this path is carefully and compassionately supervised to assist you when you feel ready to travel the meditative path to inner knowledge and wisdom. As a consequence, the higher mind is vitalized, the intuitive faculties are enhanced by expansions of consciousness, and the resulting self awareness and self confidence allow sustained well-being in the personality life.

The individual supervision allows you to progress at your own rate and the program is structured in such a way that you need neither prior experience nor special qualifications in order to proceed through the various steps. The complete meditative program is conducted over seven levels, each level providing you with a different phase of inner depth and subtlety. Levels one and two are both preparatory levels to ensure resonance with the deeper phases of meditation, with level three being the fulfillment of the journey back into the heart of the Higher Soul Self where the meditator experiences the Soul merge. Levels four through to seven apply only to those students wishing to involve themselves with the deepest energy strata of the planet and beyond, but do include subjects relating to Merkaba Activation, Practical Kabbalah and walking the Pathways on the Tree of Life.

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 12.14.04 pmAn important feature of this meditative path is its pioneering nature, a feature which applies anew to each person who treads it; for in order to find the deepest mysteries of the Self, you must leave your personality self to experience different levels and realities of your whole being, integrate them, then return the experiences to brain consciousness. Within this process, much transformation is experienced. The transformation process begins to occur as you travel the path and are then able to demonstrate the results in your daily life.

This meditative path has an inbuilt healing function, and any misqualified or negative energies are gently cleansed, cleared, released and the body brought back into balance as you travel the various levels. The meditation is registered in the conscious mind and opens a direct channel of communication between you and your Higher Soul Self. This channel of communication is also demonstrable in the arena of your daily life. The way is there for abilities and resources, previously only latent within you, to come forward in application.

The first step towards any change is acceptance without judgment of the way things are. The goal of the meditation is not to change your outer world and the people in it. The goal is to awaken yourself spiritually through increased awareness of yourself and the energies you carry. To focus on outer change, is to block the flow of energy through involvement with symptoms instead of causes. Any negativity in your life is there to show you your resistance to change. By always focusing on yourself, the negativity will change when your creative energies no longer require them to show you certain aspects of your own unconsciousness or your shadow side. Are you looking for a miracle? Then you have found it here!

If you follow the meditation as instructed, the quality of your life will be enhanced through the depth and intensity of your newly awakened senses. Physical health, emotional stability, mental clarity, self-confidence and assertiveness are among the many benefits attested to by other students of the Path.

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