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Meditation Products from the College of Esoteric Education include a unique range of magical jewelry, hand made charged wands and unique spirit dolls to assist you through life’s journey!



Our Meditation Products can certainly help!

Spirit Dolls

photo[28]I have listed these unique dolls under our miracle meditation products as they certainly do assist the meditation process. I have always loved dolls and had many as a child. At night, I used to imagine that they would come alive and talk to me. I didn’t realize at that age that dolls act as portals and attract spirits so that they can anchor on to the earth plane. This allows the spirit to communicate more easily with those they need to. This means mostly those who are naturally attracted to metaphysics, magic, spellworking, wanding or pendulum dowsing. It could also mean those who need more specific knowledge that may be unavailable from other sources. Some spirits wish to maintain the ability to communicate with those still on the earth plane to offer knowledge and teachings, and they do so of their own choice. Sometimes attach themselves to a person or a vessel of some description for ease of communication. They maintain the ability of remaining in the spiritual realms as well as being in our earthly realm. They are capable of coming and going from one realm to the other. This in itself is a miracle, and certainly belongs under the heading of miracle meditation products.

I have accumulated so many dolls over the years with spirit attachments, that I can no longer devote the necessary time to spend with them. Some have now requested that I find new keepers of their vessels so that they can pass on their knowledge to those who are interested.

If you feel spirit keeping would be a complement to your current life path, and if you feel attracted to a host (doll, jewelry or wand) then please consider looking after one of my spirit companions. Spirit keeping is a voluntary activity by both parties. They volunteer to be with you, and you volunteer to have them with you. This is not a religious activity and many people from all walks of life are spirit keepers.

I am only offering positive fae spirits (fairy, fairie, faery, faerie) and soon I may offer some elven spirits. All spirits use the dolls and jewelry as portals to come and go and are not bound, but follow the portal link. It may take some time for the spirit to become accustomed to its new surroundings and the one looking after their vessel. A full explanation of how to communicate with such beings will be given to any who make a purchase.

Most spirits will be accompanied by a wand or a piece of jewellery, depending on the spirit’s chopice. This has been magically charged and enchanted by the respective spirit and as such is a powerful healing tool.

The Art of Wanding

IMG_0001You may not be familiar with the ancient art of wanding; most people are not. Until the advent of Harry Potter, you may have believed that wands were used exclusively by some mythical magician. But this is not so. Wands are not the exclusive property of any specific theology but they are used today and have been in use for thousands of years. The correct usage of the Light is the only thing that makes a wand function enough for a beginning student to use it correctly. That, coupled with humility, love and if used in service for the benefit of others, perhaps in a healing function, it can become a powerful tool for the gaining of specific information in a different way.

Wands are the traditional healing tools of Shamans, healers and metaphysicians. The magic wands of myth and legend are believed to have been used by the highly evolved crystal healers of Atlantis, and many practitioners today believe that wands from those far-off times are surfacing once again, complete with their powerful programming. Gemstone Wands have the ability to focus energy, tightly like a laser, through their tip. If there is a sphere on the other end, it can gather the energy in and focus it through the tip.

The healing ability of gemstone wands is vastly expanded when programmed with intent. When using a wand it is important consciously to allow universal healing energy to flow in through your own Head Center and down your arm to the hand holding the wand. Using your own energy for this purpose is short-sighted and inefficient. Crystal wands are very tactile and versatile! Hold one when you need to focus or clear your mind.

By tuning in to the being connected to the wand, much learning can ensue.

Enchanted Items

th_DSCN9788An enchanted (charged) piece of jewellry can be anything – it matters little. It may contain a priceless gemstone, the highest quality silver or be just a piece of jewellry containing a crystal. However, it can change the life of the person who owns it. Pieces can be charged or enchanted for any number of things, depending on the person’s requirement; for example, weight loss, good luck, protection, abundance, to attract love and so on. When the piece is worn, the energy it contains will usually create an overall feeling of confidence concerning the charge. It will also be a reminder to change your thinking about your current circumstances and tune into the energy concerning the spell or the charge. This will help you to begin attracting it into your life.

Enchanted or charged items improve your life, surround you with positive energy and attract the things you desire, but you must remember to play your part by being positive and imagining the object that you want or the attitude you want to change or the circumstance you want to bring about, already in your possession, or as happened already. The time it takes to out manifest will depend entirely on what you want. Always be careful when imaging that you do not create a karmic circumstance for yourself. When you own a charged or enspelled item, you can see, touch and feel the energy, or you can check it with a pendulum to ascertain the amount of charge in the item. Items can be charged for any length of time or for any specific purpose.

You can wear the item as much as you wish, however it is not necessary that you wear it at all times or even at all. Simply keeping it in your home, on your altar, or near your bedside is enough to keep the energy active and to remind you not to lapse back into your old way of thinking. While most items are not overly expensive, they can sometimes be a bit delicate and need care in looking after them. This does not make the item ineffective—you are not relying on the item—you are relying on the spell or the charge within it to stimulate your own energies and lift you to a higher vibration.

Look after it and it will look after you.

Haunted Items

photo[16]A haunted item is one that has a spirit bound to it, whether that be a human spirit, a member of the fae group, a djinn, a unicorn, a dragon or some other kind of being. Ideally, spirits are never bound without their consent, as it then becomes a mutually beneficial learning experience for both parties. Sometimes spirits come to be bound to an item for a time because they are searching for a past life connection or want a human connection for learning and trading knowledge. Because we are in the overlap of one great age with another, many spirits are taking the opportunity to have a closer interaction with humans and agreee to be bound to a specific item. Others simply attach themselves to objects, items or people of their own accord. This means they can also release themselves of their own accord, but many choose to stay for various reasons. Some come close to the human they realize can release them from a state of limbo and send them back to their appropriate place – wherever that may be.

Spirit keepingIf you are a spirit keeper, then let the experience be one of mutual benefit and learning. If you have just purchased a haunted item, you will need to bond with the spirit attached to it. Some spirits prefer rituals, others prefer simple bonding ceremonies, some like candles and incense and so on. Regardless of what ritual the spirit requires to start the bonding process, it is best to keep the item with you for a period of three or four days. This sets up an energy imprint and establishes a strong bond with the spirit, regardless of whether you continue to wear the item or even touch it. If you have performed the ritual and gone through the bonding process, then that spirit is not transferrable to anyone else, regardless of whether they touch the object or not. Never reveal the name of your spirit being to anyone else either.

Spirits may reveal themselves in the abstract form such as orbs or flashes of light or smoke. Or they may reveal themselves in concrete form or symbolic form. This means you will be able to perceive them in humanoid form, or their animal or mystical type. The most common form of communication is via telepathy, but if you are not telepathic, you will get better results with a pendulum or some other communicator. It is better to ask only for an exchange of knowledge from spiritual beings. Most people do not understand the karmic consequences of asking for a wish to be granted. There always has to be an exchange of some sort.

Always remember that the energies must be balanced. If you are just starting out as a spirit keeper, it is far safer to ask for knowledge. So do your homework, learn as much about spirits as you can before you start asking for anything. Then you can act with certainty for the benefit of all concerned.

Spell Boxes

IMG_1920These Spell Boxes are created mainly for protection, and are especially encoded with energy. You will receive a Spell Box as well as the spell. There are no spirits connected with the Spell Boxes.

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Please note: The enchanted items that can be purchased at this store are enchanted by Lyn Asmar, The Principal of The College of Esoteric Education in Brisbane Australia. Lyn has worked in the metaphysical field for over forty years and is an accomplished spiritual channel.