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Esoteric Courses

Mysticism 101

Module One

No specific qualifications are required to meditate, however we believe students should have access to as much information as possible to enable them to progress at their own individual pace.

Our home study course Mysticism 101 is designed to give you in-depth esoteric information to assist you to come into an awareness of the faculties latent within your being, and to help you develop those faculties so that you may better understand your true nature as a son or daughter of the Most High. The lessons are structured in such a way that a steady, gradual awakening will be the result of your study and application of the laws. The information has always been on our planet, there for those who have sought to find it. Many have trodden this path before, searching for the answers to life’s meaning. The answers are all contained within, but at the end of every age, the teachers—the guardians of our planet—come to assist, to give hope for positive change, and to give certain information afresh in a way that humankind at its present stage of evolution can comprehend, helping to trigger the mind to awaken to its full potential.

Esoteric Publications

The Secrets Series:

Secrets of The Spiritual Quest

BCSOTSQBefore it was time for you to incarnate into the present time frame, you would have discussed with your mentors and guides the things you wanted to work on and achieve in this life time. Many people feel challenged in their current incarnation, not understanding the suffering or the tragedy that seems to be a part of life. Who indeed has not experienced some form or suffering, illness or even tragedy and question if there really is an all loving being that watches over us. I’m sure if you are reading this book you have often wondered about the meaning of life and why some people are afflicted while others seem to sail through life.

This esoteric ebook gives a brief glimpse into the spiritual life that is often triggered forward into awareness when one is searching for the meaning of human challenges. Most of the difficulties you have or will experience through your life, have been planned by you even before you incarnated, You have given yourself these challenges, not to feel victimized or punished, but as an opportunity to assist you to awaken to your true potential as a spiritual being.

Most people have forgotten that the Logos has projected a spark of primal energy into each human being, therefore making us sons and daughters of the most high, and brothers and sisters of the great ones. What we are they once were, and what they are we will become. But to achieve that, we allow ourselves to go through various experiences that hone our spiritual qualities and bring forward loving kindness and compassion.

We are rather like rough diamonds; the potential of great beauty is there, but hidden beneath a thick emotional veil that has built up over the centuries and acts as a protective mechanism, while allowing us to experience the full gamut of the emotional arena. When we step onto a spiritual path we begin to polish some of the facets of the diamond that we are. This can be a painful process, but is seems to be the way that humans learn best. However, we all come in with a conscience to assist us to do the right thing, and intuition, that, when properly developed will give infallible guidance.

It takes a great deal of courage to live out the plans you made before you were born, but once you step onto a spiritual path, you begin to recognize the value of the lessons you have chosen as you work you way through them and within that recognition, is where you find your Higher soul self.

Secrets of Karma


This esoteric ebook explores the concept of karma and gives a metaphysical preview of the karmic purposes in life. Observing karma, and we see that there is an interaction between the two forces; call them what you will, positive and negative, happiness and sadness, electricity and magnetism; for the sake of simplicity, we will call them polarity A and polarity B. They are opposed, and yet, they are utterly co-operative. There is an intimate, extremely intimate, interaction between those two polarities. Through observation you will begin to understand that word karma in its proper function. It is not the law of cause and effect; it is not the law of anything. It is the twinned polarity inherent in the command energies that comes through from the Planetary Link. It is the twinning effect or the twinned effect. No command is complete as a oneness, therefore the words obedience and disobedience are intermingled and it is impossible to disentangle one from the other.

Karma is utterly resident in the interplay of those two polarities, but hopelessly misunderstood. It is the required balance in what you term the future where the balance obtains of requirement, because this is a universal law that the attempt to balance must obtain.


Secrets of Number Seven

CoverSmallSONumber7Throughout the history of humankind there has always been an interest in the various numbers and their meaning. Mostly an external application of the value of the numbers has been given, the esoteric value of the numbers having been lost to posterity. However, there is widespread evidence of the belief in the significance and power of the number seven. Why is this? We will attempt to bring to light the meaning behind the belief in the power of such a number to assist those who have searched long and hard to find it.

The numbers from one to ten are Kabbalistic cardinal numbers corresponding to the original divine ideas by which the visible as well as the invisible world was created. From the knowledge presented in this esoteric ebook, the reader will understand that seven, as a number, is no more significant than any other number—it is just used in an entirely different manner than the other numbers. Its significance within the context that we are talking about here derives from its application to seven eternal principles of existence and it is the intention of this manuscript to disseminate, amongst those who are ready for it, some knowledge of these principles.

The content of this esoteric ebook is primarily directed to general enquirers who also are ready for a measure of this teaching. In order to accommodate these readers, there is an introductory explanation included of certain basic energy concepts, which relate to existence and the involvement of the Seven Principles, in their eternalness, in the causation of existence.


More Esoteric Publications

The How to Series:

 How to: Relax

Kindle CoverThis esoteric eBook has a range of Relaxation Techniques For Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Relaxation. Spiritual Healing has always been on the planet, channeling through different people at different periods of time. In reality, there is only one healing function, spiritual healing however the way people use it is totally different, and depends on the modality being practiced. In truth, the energy comes from the same source, regardless of the method used.

Relaxation can be used on its own if you are using physical relaxation because of tense muscles; or you will also find it as a side benefit of meditation. Recent studies have also shown that meditation might reduce artery blockage, which is a major cause for heart attack and stroke. People who meditate on a regular basis not only experience better health, but also better emotional stability and more mental clarity. Another benefit of meditation is that it not only helps to relax muscles, ease panic, decrease pain, and reduce anxiety, but that it can take you to a higher level of consciousness where you can use it for spiritual growth or for rapid spiritual healing responses.


Meditation for the Soul – Healing for the Spirit