Esoteric Meditation Dec Issue


It’s incredible just how quickly this year seems to have passed. Due to the number of enquiries I’ve had, I’ve decided to present the magazine, Esoteric Meditation, in a new format. Without our readers, of course, it would not make any sense to continue publishing such information as we have in this exclusive magazine. But as you all seem to love the contents—absolutely no fluff—just pure metaphysics—we will continue to put it out there, but with a big difference!

As I do get a lot of emails asking questions about the concepts, I have decided to include a “Letters to the Editor” section where you can ask questions relative to the content of the magazine.  Privacy will be maintained and only your first name or initials will be displayed. However, because of space, I will be limiting the number of questions answered.

The magazine has now been divided into two sections. The first part for Mystics, which will cover the softer side of metaphysics, and the second part for Adepts, which will contain the in-depth esoteric side of metaphysics for those wanting to know the deepest mysteries.

I would suggest that you start at the beginning of the magazine, go through the Mystic section, and read the information contained there. Some articles in the Mystic section may be explained more fully in the advanced Adept section.

CoverSept14eM768x1024I’ve also included a section on crystals, spells, anti-ageing, and questions and answers.

We do hope you enjoy reading this issue of Esoteric Meditation on and behalf of the team here at eM we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Yule Blessings,





Unfortunately, due to other commitments and a heavy work load, we are no longer producing the monthly digital magazine.



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