What is Meditation

What is Meditation?

Meditation is an adventure into the unknown; basic meditation is not doing anything except going beyond the chatter of the conscious mind and initially delighting in the freedom from thought and emotion. When you achieve this, you actually tap into the glue of the universe, which we term love. It is the love that holds the universe together. When you get to this point, you tap into just being. Once you become aware of this state of being, you can remain undisturbed while resting for a period of time or you can remain in this state even while being engaged in other things. This form of meditation teaches you a new way of living; a way of being totally undisturbed even in the centre of chaos. This form of meditation is called being centered. You can be doing other things without losing your feeling of centeredness.

This form of meditation is usually used to allow you to feel calm and relaxed. It gives you the opportunity to release physical and mental stress. You can also learn to watch your thoughts and the emotions they provoke objectively. When you learn to remain in this state, you will begin to enjoy a different state of awareness. This is the most basic form of meditation.

What is a Symbol?

imagesThe ancient mystics were centuries in advance of their time as it is only now, in our own time, that men of science are beginning to grasp a simple, basic truth, realized long ago by the mystical philosophers. The mystics of old realized that words were quite inadequate to describe certain experiences and realizations, especially those that involved an interplay of thought and intuition. They realized that words were limited in their scope of expression and that they actually constricted the conscious mind, forcing it into a narrow appreciation of something that was very much wider.

If we care to look back in time, we will find many analogies and things that seem to happen over and over as in some kind of pattern. For instance, in  the Babylonian pantheon, the water god Ea ruled over the slimy waters of the great deep out of which the world was formed. It ihas bben written that In token of this tradition, a large basin of water was kept in all Babylonian temples. Ancient myths represent Ea as being a friendly deity who rose out of the sea each morning to teach man agriculture, civil government, handcrafts, and other arts of civilization. In early sculpture he is portrayed as half man and half fish and might even have been the original Aquarius, the water man in the zodiac, as well as the forerunner of Neptune.

In later versions, Ea appears as Ioannes, and as the fish god Dagon, he was worshiped by the Philistines. According to some interpretations, Ea or Ioannes represented a primeval sun god who spread his benefactions over the earth and, at the close of day, dropped into the sea to spend the night beneath the waves like a fish.

In Hindu Brahmanism, the god Vishnu, in his first incarnation, is alleged to have appeared to humanity in the form of a fish, or half man and half fish, exactly the same as Ioannes or Dagon was represented among the Chaldeans and other peoples. In the Indian version, Manu, the Hindu Noah, was saved by Vishnu who, in the form of a fish, dragged Manu’s boat to the top of a rock. Davkina, the consort of Vishnu, seems to be the same as Dav-ki or Damkina, the consort of Ea.

The Greek myth of Hercules and Hesione describes the slaying of darkness by the sun god. It relates that after King Laomedon of Troy had bound his daughter Hesione
to rocks by the sea, a sacrifice to Poseidon’s destroying monster (darkness), Hercules (the sun), saved the maiden by leaping fully armed into the fish’s gaping throat and cutting his way through the monster’s belly. The rescue of Andromeda by Perseus is another version of the same myth. The story of Jonah being swallowed by a whale and then thrown on the shore at Joppa, after three days in its belly, contains several elements which connect it with the story of Hercules and Hesione. It may also be compared with Oannes being swallowed by Tiamat, the dragon of darkness at the time of the winter solstice. Primitive Culture—Tylor

One of the most graphic pictorial symbols that my teacher showed me was of the Rosy Cross. This symbol contains much information about the elements, astrology and Kabbalah as well as other coded information. See illustration above.

Learn the Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics


Learn the Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics from Lynette Asmar’s unique novel based on metaphysical fact as experienced by the author. 

In spite of Stanley’s frantic efforts to rescue fellow magician’s apprentice John Korner, he remains imprisoned in the fourth dimension by an evil, demented sorcerer who is under the control of demonic forces. Amouki, an earth zone intelligence, assists Stanley as he travels through dark and dangerous realms on his perilous journey. Even so, this journey is taken at tremendous personal cost as he is forced to take spiritual initiation before his time so he can activate his newly awakened abilities at the crucial moment of confrontation with the dark forces.

Will all the hardships connected with reaching a new level of consciousness be worth the tremendous effort required to learn the secrets of magic and metaphysics?

This novel was written in this manner to provide the reader with a more interesting and detailed explanation of the fight between those who walk the Path of Light and the Dark Forces. Much information, previously unpublished, has been included for the benefit of those who wish to know the truth about the well hidden secrets of magic and metaphysics as channelled by the Sirian Command and the Great White Lodge on our planet. It is a tale about a young man who gets sucked through a portal and finds himself imprisoned by a dark lord in the lowlands of the fourth dimension. Is it too late for his fellow apprentice, who must go through various initiations first, to rescue him from the demonic forces who hold him prisoner?

Exercises and further explanations appear in Lyn’s monthly digital magazine, “Esoteric Meditation,” available from the NewsStand on the App Store. This is a magazine for those searching for the deepest secrets of metaphysics.

Energy Therapy



canstockphoto8471803Energy Therapy is a form of hands on healing that uses energy analysis as a means of determining the subtle causes of imbalances in the four-fold body structure. That means the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your being. The less obvious causes of illness have their origins beyond the ability of our present day technology to register as these causes reside deep within the energies that comprise each person but emerge in the four major expressions of human activity.

This therapy is applicable at the physical level, which can be impacted upon by external circumstances such as an accident, or some emotional problem that has actually caused a physical problem. This could be the result of stress and the eventual physical appearance of an ulcer or some other malady, or there may be dietary imbalances that eventually cause some physical problem.

On the emotional level, if problems are not dealt with openly, and the energy is withheld inside, pushed down because it is too painful to deal with, it begins to block off the necessary energy and physical nutrients necessary for glandular and organic health. Only a clearance of the blockage can result in a restoration to physical health and emotional well being.

The application of Energy Therapy can also assist in removing the causes of negative thinking and thought processes that are no longer a benefit in the current time frame.

On the spiritual level, Energy Therapy can assist in the removal of astral attachments, discarnates, dark forces and other energies that have a bearing on the spirit level. These attachments can cause unpleasant feelings in the physical, emotional and mental levels of being.

Energy Therapy is not new but will perhaps sound new to many who are more familiar with different terms. Using Energy Therapy, we are able to access the information the body, mind and soul wish to convey. This is because all of our health problems are related to a separation from our Higher Soul Self, or our Celestial Soul. This separation is one of the main causes of blockages in the energy flow and sets up negative imprints and patterns that show themselves through our behaviour and interaction with others.

Impediment in a channel means blockage in the normal energy flow available to the person and, depending on the severity of the blockage, it can give rise to local or widespread conditions. So, the cause of the majority of ailments that beset people lies in an energy circumstance of which the physical/emotional/mental condition is but a result. If we are not able to heal ourselves at the emotional and mental level, eventually disease will prevail in the body. Energy Therapy works very intuitively and assists in bringing the four-fold body system back into balance.

It could be said that the diverse applications of Energy Therapy are the coloured threads in the overall tapestry of the healing function of the planet. Energy Therapy is one such thread used in a specific manner to assist in the restoration of health and is often used with other threads, such as Reiki, SKHM, Medi-Map or Spiritual Surgery to assist in the renewal of the well-being of the person.

Energy Therapy corrects the imbalances by raising the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body, allowing the vital life force to flow in a healthy and natural way. The therapist channels the vital life force into those areas that need correction, ultimately resonating the energy realms connected with the person into a state of balance and harmony through the subtle levels of the person’s structure back to their Source. In the application of Energy Therapy, there is an energy transfer occurring through the therapist to the person being treated. The energies of this transfer are of varying intensity and subtlety. Some are related directly to the physical; the majority are directed to the more subtle realms of the mental/emotional body, and auric structure in connection with the Higher Soul Self.

On completion of therapy, most people become interested in continuing on a spiritual journey. Some are interested in the more direct application of therapies that they can continue to use themselves, such as Reiki, SKHM, Medi-Map or Spiritual Surgery, while others choose to follow the disciplines of meditation.

Energy Therapy can help in clearing most imbalances including:
Disconnection from your Higher Self
General physical problems
Negative and addictive patterns
Nervousness and anxiety problems
Relationship problems
Cellular memory release
Chakra imbalances
The clearance of forces

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