How to Develop your Intuition

canstockphoto17015676Do you know how to develop your intuition? Intuition is a natural faculty that anyone can learn to tap into. However, it does take some time and effort to become accurate at it. But practice makes perfect! The more you use your intuition, the easier it becomes to trust what is coming through. Basically, you just have to trust what impressions you are receiving to allow your intuition to work for you. But you do need discernment as to whether you can trust your intuition. It may be coming from your own brain centres.

You can check your intuition simply by asking the question; “Is this coming from my Higher Self? The Higher Self is always steady, patient and will get you to your correct answer. If the information is coming from the emotional level, it may appear to be either hesitant or unsure or give you the information too quickly and then fade out. The Higher Self will still be there, and you will feel steady and feel that this is right for you. However, if you would like to develop this natural ability even further, you will find some tips below.

1. Meditation

There are various meditation techniques available today; it is just a matter of finding one that suits your temperament. Relaxation is a natural side effect of meditating, and is a good way to start to prepare for the development of intuition. When you are relaxed and the mind is quiet, it is easier for intuitive impressions to impact upon your consciousness.

2. Remain in a positive state of mind

When you can free yourself from the stresses of everyday living, and take the time to become relaxed and quiet, that will do much to improve your intuitive ability. By staying positive, you attract positive streams of energy making it so much easier to intuit events.

3.  Learn to listen to the inner voice

If you are on the brink of making an important decision, release, relax and let go of all inhibitions, and head to quiet, peaceful surroundings where you can tune in and listen to the still, small voice within you; that voice is always there – but it won’t be apparent until you still your mind and emotions.

4. Allow some time

After releasing all those things that stop you from thinking and feeling clearly, allow some time for your intuition to filter through to your conscious mind. It is like stirring up a muddy pond—you have to wait till the sediment settles before you can see the bottom clearly. Give it a little time then….Bam!…. now you have your answer.

5. You can’t be intuitive and sad at the same time

Happiness attracts immense power and part of that power includes intuition. In learning to increase your awareness to develop your intuitive skills, your motivation must be selfless but positive. Natural gifts like intuition, if abused by trying to find numbers for lotto or such like, will always be counter productive to your highest good.

Intuition, in most circumstances is extremely helpful, because sometimes it leads you in a direction that could not be found otherwise. A lot of lives have been saved by intuition alone. Help has seemingly come out of nowhere because someone used their intuition, and instead of the person being led on a wild goosed chase, they actually discovered someone badly in need of help at an accident scene or they were able to help someone find the right way because they followed an intuitive hunch to go to a certain place.  Decisions are made easier if you are armed with this gift. Develop intuition now by lots of practice and reap benefits you have only ever dreamed about. It can also be fun while learning how to develop your intuition.


Try out this great meditation to develop your intuition further

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The Evolving Consciousness of Humanity

CanstockphotoTo enhance the evolving consciousness of humanity, the mystic strives for an intensification of the sensations of self, knowing that the effect will be felt throughout humanity. It is a sensing of the ego as free as possible from any ideas of perception and reflection. It is a striving to perceive the self without form, without the usual attributes of personality, and without any physical attributes.

Try to do this sometime. It is not that simple. Try to exclude all external impressions so that you do not feel anything, you do not hear anything, you do not smell, or taste anything.

Even try to exclude any memory impressions. Go so far as to eliminate any sensation of temperature, or even the slightest consciousness of the pressure of your clothing on your body, so that nothing remains except the realization that you just exist.

This evolvement of consciousness is really an isolation. It is a setting apart of the sensations of self from all other sensations of which consciousness consists. It is a gradual enlargement of the divine self that begins to infuse the personality self and lift the frequency at which it is capable of operating on the earth plane. If we cannot describe self, if there is nothing by which to determine this, can we at least describe the method or the way by which it is isolated?

In some Eastern scriptures it is stated: “Self is the lord of self; who else could be Lord?” This denotes that self is the instigator of all human conduct, all behavior and all relationship it has with the personality.

The scripture continues: “By one’s self, evil is done; by one’s self, one suffers, by one’s self, one is purified.” This we understand to mean that every act in which we participate is in accordance with the position in which we have put self. It is the result of a particular attitude of self that we have and which, consequently, has drawn the conditions of the world to us or has resulted in certain spiritual associations. The attitude of self and the consciousness that is derived from it is like looking through a window. Every window reveals to us a different vista; every attitude of self results in a different experience.

The first stages in developing this consciousness include the common ones of contemplation, the serious attitude of mind, or that attitude of mind where we begin to evaluate life instead of just responding to it. After these first stages, the penetration into self begins and ultimately there is experienced a oneness of being. What is experienced has no mental counterpart. There is no idea, no definable quality or form that corresponds to the experience of this oneness. It is an ecstatic kind of sensation that has no parallel in any physical or emotional sensation. It is quite impossible to assign it any identity at all.

However, during this mystical consciousness, there is an indefinable realization of a self. Regardless of how much else you may eliminate, you are never entirely lost to yourself. If we could use an analogy of when a lump of salt is thrown into some water and dissolves so that it can never again be gathered, whenever that water is tasted, it will be salty. So it is with the divine self, the mighty I AM presence. Even though we can tear the usual identity from the self, and though it becomes dissolved, as we might say, in the oneness of being, yet, like the lump of salt, it is not lost in that oneness. It has certain characteristics by which we realize that we are.

Since the essence of self, or that which is its cause, is this divine consciousness or mighty I AM presence, it can never be inhibited. It can never be so suppressed or so submerged that it cannot be realized. The truest idea of self that can be had is the consciousness of this Divine essence, or of the impressions that come from it and are expressed in our own personality.

The I AM presence or the immortal spirit, uses the astral body or the soul to express itself on the physical plane of existence through a series of step down realms. So we could say the personality self is a consequence or a result of, or a projection of the nucleus of the soul (which some term the higher self) within us, just as an image is a reflection or the projection of an object and has no existence apart from the object. An absolute reflection would be so perfect that, in fact, the idea of reflection would not exist. We would not conceive of its being a reflection but rather would think of it as another object. This is how we think of ourselves in this state of consciousness—we think we are separate from our inner or higher self. We are not.

Such absolutism does not exist in the evolving consciousness. We are always, no matter how profound the mystical experience, aware that our personality self is but a reflection of the Divine consciousness within our own being, and is in the process of moving towards merging once more with soul to become a soul infused personality, and through the annals of time to eventually merge fully with our divine essence or our immortal spirit when we will attain full divine consciousness once more, knowing that we reaped the benefits of the evolving consciousness of humanity.








Fate or Free Will?

canstockphoto8817732Do you believe in fate or free will? If we were totally clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant, we would have no option but to live our lives like an automaton, because we would know everything in advance. But because we are not, we have fate and free will co-existing in perfect harmony. Don’t be disturbed when things go wrong, but instead look at this as an opportunity to make some changes in your life.

There are areas where, because of our degree of development, fate will be our teacher, and other areas where, because we have learned certain lessons, and reached a degree of spiritual maturity, we are free to act independently. This does not happen, of course until we have a certain amount of emotional control over all areas of our lives.

This goes hand in hand with that immutable law that states that each cause sets free a corresponding effect. Everyone has the feeling that doing something good will bring about good results and conversely that corruption will breed corruption; or in the words of a proverb: “Whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”

One does not plant poppy seeds and gather roses. Subject to this law of cause and effect is also the law of evolution or development, so we could say that development is an aspect of the Law of Karma.

Once we can accept this principle, life will no longer seem so much of a struggle and we can get on with living full, healthy and happy lives, knowing that there are going to be situations that we will have to accept with good grace until we are able to bring ourselves into line with Divine Law. We all must learn to live in harmony whether under the laws of fate or free will.


The Magic of Fairy Tales

CanstockphotoDo you really understand the magic of Fairy Tales? Let us look a litle more closely at their construct. Once upon a time, there was a young boy called Jack, a child who swapped his only possessions for some magic seeds. He really didn’t know why he did this, but he was subconsciously guided to accept the seeds. In other words, he swapped his normal consciousness for spiritual enlightenment.

His mother, symbolizing the feminine principle, or the tester of the emotional body, threw them outside where they immediately commenced to grow. The child was upset, but the next morning was amazed to see that the beans had grown into a huge beanstalk. Whenever our emotions are tested, and we accept the problem without anger, wonders start to happen. With the curiosity that only a child can have, he proceeded to climb the beanstalk. (Does this part remind you of the adage: “Unless you become like little children, you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.”) He found himself in a strange land, and, seeing a castle in the distance, he set off towards it.

The castle belonged to a giant, and was filled with all sorts of the most wonderful treasures that he had ever seen. On his first visit, after looking around in amazement, Jack decided to take a hen that laid golden eggs. He knew that he and his mother would never be poor again and they lived for a time enjoying the luxuries provided by this unexpected gift. Here we have an explanation of an innocent mind being able to access the treasures of the Higher Self. The guardian symbolized by the giant, is still asleep at this stage.

But after a while, as most people do, Jack grew bored and restless and climbed the beanstalk again, and once more set off towards the castle. This time, heart in mouth, he took a bag of gold; the next time he took emeralds and pearls and the last time he took the giant’s harp. But the harp was a magic harp, it was a portal for a spiritual being, and it cried out to its master. The giant awoke and chased Jack nearly all the way down the beanstalk. But Jack chopped the beanstalk down and killed the giant.

This story is allegorical. It signifies the awakening of the channel between the incarnate personality and the Higher Self. And yes, when the channel reaches into the higher realms, one does perceive the treasures that are hidden there. But the giant, symbolizing the Dweller on the Threshold,* guards the entrance to the treasure house of truth—those great jewels of power, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, beauty, perfection and light that can be brought down into physical consciousness. The very heaven within starting to outmanifest, which, when found, will fulfill all things, enabling transformation to take place.

This door to the treasure house of truth, this kingdom of heaven within, has to be thoroughly guarded, because none could be entrusted with the ineffable power it contains without first learning the perfect control of their own thoughts and emotions, without giving up those things that are no longer necessary, unless you wish to do damage to yourself.

The great vibrating love that you begin to feel physically in your body as you travel a spiritual path is the gate that is straight and is there for your own protection. The Light symbolizing spiritual consciousness is the path so few have found.

Whenever a discordant or angry thought rears its ugly head, it is an opportunity for you to exert your power and transform it with infinite love. Love quells the vibrations of wrath instantly but only if you are constantly guarding your thought processes and not letting them run away with you.

This does not mean to say you push the emotions down and bury them; you do not. If you can nip the negative emotion and thought in the bud, you will be on the road to transformation. Now, love alone can slay the giant, as we said previously, commonly called the Dweller on the Threshold, that lies within each one of you, guarding the entrance to that storehouse of treasure that exists in the most subtle part of your being.

You would all be aware that there are two aspects to human nature. One part, which desires to cling to the things of the earth, and the other part which is not interested in earthly things at all, but hankers after those things we call spiritual. When you begin your spiritual journey, it will sometimes feel like you are the battleground as these two forces fight for dominance. There is a good analogy of this very battle portrayed between Krishna and Arjuna in the Battle of Kurukshetra.

Most fairy tales concern themselves with these two parts of mankind’s nature, the material and the spiritual, and usually there is depicted the fight between the good and the so-called evil. All these tales are allegorical and are a way of showing the general public the spiritual truths in story form.

Usually these tales begin . . . “Once upon a time there lived a king who had a beautiful daughter . . .” Various princes or other men of high standing would journey through thick and thin to try to win the hand of the beautiful princess. The princess is usually given in marriage to the one who could bring some coveted prize, which always seemed to be hidden at the end of some quest, which took them through dark forests, over high mountains and across turbulent rivers. Each one of the tests that the princes were required to undergo denotes an initiation and great courage was required of them to keep their eyes on the end goal as many temptations were there to ensnare them and to keep them from achieving their quest.

Sometimes the prince is required to face some fiery dragon. This is the dragon of the self, the lower nature or the creative fire in man that must be controlled and transmuted. It is usually symbolized by the slaying of the dragon.

The prince might have to pit his wits against some quarry on a high mountain, using every ounce of his intelligence to win. Next, he might have to cross a turbulent river or meet a storm at sea. And here we see the prince triumphing over his unruly emotional nature. These tests symbolize the initiations of the four elements, fire, air, water and earth, earth being the last as it symbolizes complete triumph over the earthly nature, and the birthing of the Christ Consciousness in man.

The fairy tales that run in this vein usually recount the story of the evolution and development of the soul and at the end of each one comes the marriage of the prince and the princess, the mystical marriage where the two are able to join as one; the male and female parts joining to become an asexual being before merging with the soul. Truly, this is the magic of Fairy Tales.

* The Dweller on the Threshold constitutes all the low thought forms such as fear, ambition, love of power or any unscrupulousness for selfish ends that prevents one from living in a state of truth and spiritual righteousness.

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Are We Immortal?

iStock_000003190754XSmall - Version 2“Are we immortal?” This question has been asked since time began, and although there exists some type of answer for every question ever asked, for this particular question, there does not seem to be a definitive answer that is suitable for everyone.

Do you want to know what happens after death? Most people do; but the question and its possible answers continue to challenge most people’s thoughts, and bring the reality of a limited earthplane existence into sharp reality.

Inherently we all know that there is something that exists beyond the concept physical life, and such questions as “Where did I come from? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do while I am here? and Where am I going when I finish my earthly existence?” are questions that a lot of people will not consider. They are too busy trying to “live life.”

But others ponder these questions deeply and perhaps have come to the conclusion that matter, including the physical body, is energy in its densest form. Science has told us that energy cannot be destroyed, and the law of the conservation of matter and energy has long been an accepted premise. Energy may, of course, change its form and function, but it is not consumed. Matter, regardless of how it may be changed through modification of pressure, fire or some other force, still exists in a gaseous state or some other form.

If we take the maxim of Hermes Trismegistus, “As above, so below,” we would have to assume that this permanency that is an attribute of matter and energy, must exist also in a non-physical world. Which automatically leads to the question, are we immortal?

Immortality then, is the concept of the continuance of the manifestation of a force, of which we, as humans, are consciously aware. This force pulsates through us giving us life in a physical existence. We also know that we are a projection of this life energy, that gradually steps itself down through the principle of sub-harmonics and enters a foetus in the mother’s womb. We call this life energy soul. It puts a drop of itself into the tiny baby, but remains in its own realm directing us subconsciously.

Whether we are in the body or out of one in between lives on the earth plane matters little, because we are not the body; we are not the emotional body, we are not the mental body—we use these bodies to give ourselves expression as a physical being whilst on the earth plane.

Immortality is not something ahead—it is now. We are eternal beings composed of life energy. However, if you wish to be reborn into a higher frequency body, you must first learn to die. Die to the personality traits that bind you to the earth plane, die to your anger and frustration. Transmute your negativity into the opposite pole. A high frequency soul cannot enter a low frequency body. The more perfect you make your physical vessel, the greater the power the spirit and soul can exercise through it. This is the only way to experience metamorphosis. So that when you pass through the portal of death, you will do so consciously realizing that you have just taken off your earthly clothes, to reveal your beautiful immortal self. So need you even ask, are we immortal?