How to Develop your Intuition

canstockphoto17015676Do you know how to develop your intuition? Intuition is a natural faculty that anyone can learn to tap into. However, it does take some time and effort to become accurate at it. But practice makes perfect! The more you use your intuition, the easier it becomes to trust what is coming through. Basically, you just have to trust what impressions you are receiving to allow your intuition to work for you. But you do need discernment as to whether you can trust your intuition. It may be coming from your own brain centres.

You can check your intuition simply by asking the question; “Is this coming from my Higher Self? The Higher Self is always steady, patient and will get you to your correct answer. If the information is coming from the emotional level, it may appear to be either hesitant or unsure or give you the information too quickly and then fade out. The Higher Self will still be there, and you will feel steady and feel that this is right for you. However, if you would like to develop this natural ability even further, you will find some tips below.

1. Meditation

There are various meditation techniques available today; it is just a matter of finding one that suits your temperament. Relaxation is a natural side effect of meditating, and is a good way to start to prepare for the development of intuition. When you are relaxed and the mind is quiet, it is easier for intuitive impressions to impact upon your consciousness.

2. Remain in a positive state of mind

When you can free yourself from the stresses of everyday living, and take the time to become relaxed and quiet, that will do much to improve your intuitive ability. By staying positive, you attract positive streams of energy making it so much easier to intuit events.

3.  Learn to listen to the inner voice

If you are on the brink of making an important decision, release, relax and let go of all inhibitions, and head to quiet, peaceful surroundings where you can tune in and listen to the still, small voice within you; that voice is always there – but it won’t be apparent until you still your mind and emotions.

4. Allow some time

After releasing all those things that stop you from thinking and feeling clearly, allow some time for your intuition to filter through to your conscious mind. It is like stirring up a muddy pond—you have to wait till the sediment settles before you can see the bottom clearly. Give it a little time then….Bam!…. now you have your answer.

5. You can’t be intuitive and sad at the same time

Happiness attracts immense power and part of that power includes intuition. In learning to increase your awareness to develop your intuitive skills, your motivation must be selfless but positive. Natural gifts like intuition, if abused by trying to find numbers for lotto or such like, will always be counter productive to your highest good.

Intuition, in most circumstances is extremely helpful, because sometimes it leads you in a direction that could not be found otherwise. A lot of lives have been saved by intuition alone. Help has seemingly come out of nowhere because someone used their intuition, and instead of the person being led on a wild goosed chase, they actually discovered someone badly in need of help at an accident scene or they were able to help someone find the right way because they followed an intuitive hunch to go to a certain place.  Decisions are made easier if you are armed with this gift. Develop intuition now by lots of practice and reap benefits you have only ever dreamed about. It can also be fun while learning how to develop your intuition.


Try out this great meditation to develop your intuition further

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Esoteric Meditation Dec Issue


It’s incredible just how quickly this year seems to have passed. Due to the number of enquiries I’ve had, I’ve decided to present the magazine, Esoteric Meditation, in a new format. Without our readers, of course, it would not make any sense to continue publishing such information as we have in this exclusive magazine. But as you all seem to love the contents—absolutely no fluff—just pure metaphysics—we will continue to put it out there, but with a big difference!

As I do get a lot of emails asking questions about the concepts, I have decided to include a “Letters to the Editor” section where you can ask questions relative to the content of the magazine.  Privacy will be maintained and only your first name or initials will be displayed. However, because of space, I will be limiting the number of questions answered.

The magazine has now been divided into two sections. The first part for Mystics, which will cover the softer side of metaphysics, and the second part for Adepts, which will contain the in-depth esoteric side of metaphysics for those wanting to know the deepest mysteries.

I would suggest that you start at the beginning of the magazine, go through the Mystic section, and read the information contained there. Some articles in the Mystic section may be explained more fully in the advanced Adept section.

CoverSept14eM768x1024I’ve also included a section on crystals, spells, anti-ageing, and questions and answers.

We do hope you enjoy reading this issue of Esoteric Meditation on and behalf of the team here at eM we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Yule Blessings,





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eM – July Edition

eM July13The July edition of eM is available now on the App Store.

ESOTERIC MEDITATION is a monthly digital magazine that gives insights into the vicissitudes of life from a profound metaphysical viewpoint. If you are searching for the deeper meaning of life, or more advanced esoteric topics not generally given to the public such as ancient wisdom that was taught in the Mystery Schools of old you will find it here.

History relates many instances of people being influenced by dreams, hunches, or indefinite urges. How often hunches obeyed have prevented tragedies, no one knows, because the human tendency is to forget. Nor does anyone know how many hunches disobeyed have led to disastrous consequences, because there may have been no one left to tell the story. One man obeyed his hunch and may have averted a terrible disaster one spring morning, when he and his family were living on a farm in South West Queensland with the nearest neighbour miles away. Read his story in the Intuitive Self in this issue.

Explore your Search for Happiness is a great article that will disscuss how happiness, defined by some as gratification of the body, is a driving force of humanity. You will also find the next part of The Knight in You a progressive story and a great video meditation training session on the Transmission of Light!

This Issue is a mystical exploration of the soul and your mystical self.

We are also looking for contributers so if you would like to write an article please submit your work for approval with our editor at

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Esoteric Meditation Magazine

CovereM14JulA lot of people find pleasure in hoarding wealth. Some misguided individuals derived a fiendish delight in suppressing knowledge, seizing old manuscripts and scrolls to keep the secrets from the masses. Some of this information has been found, and partially released in the past, but now FOR THE FIRST TIME, at last we are able to release most of this vital information that has been kept hidden, gradually forgotten, and lost until recently channeled through to bring the ancient wisdom back to assist humankind in taking its next evolutionary step.

You too can now access these guarded secrets that are only available on the NewsStand on Apple’s iPad.

ESOTERIC MEDITATION is a monthly digital magazine that gives insights into the vicissitudes of life from a profound metaphysical viewpoint. If you are searching for the deeper meaning of life, or more advanced esoteric topics not generally given to the public, such as ancient wisdom that was taught in the Mystery Schools of old, you will find it here. Each issue contains information, which can be used every day to bring balance and harmony into your life, and give you a peaceful and more joyous appreciation of what life is really all about.

Special Easter Edition—Lenten Season

Special Lenten Season Edition
Special Lenten Season Edition

When the ancient mysteries were taught in days gone by, there were always teachers who instructed their most advanced students in secret knowledge about the coming of a Great One. They were also given special exercises to prepare them for when the Master would be available and how to connect. This great Master, in turn, gave specific teachings to all who were interested in developing their spiritual connection to the Source Of All That Is.

Come back with me in time and imagine the conditions that prevailed long ago; the hustle and bustle of the general populace hurrying about their own business, not caring or even noticing the plight of others. In the main, they were much the same as they are in our own present time. Few listened then, or even thought about the deeper mysteries, but a few understood and did something about it, but it was mainly kept secret from others because of the fear of persecution. Today, there are relatively few who believe in the Mystery School teachings and the reality of esoteric or metaphysical temple instruction. Of course, this temple is not physical, and most often, neither is the language used in the instruction.

When the hour of transition comes, the advanced entities pass into the higher mental realms. But those who are still burdened by the recent experiences of earth life, and have refused to clear themselves of their emotional baggage, along with those who have no belief in an afterlife, will find themselves in the various levels of the astral planes, according to their level of spiritual maturity. The various religions designate these realms as heaven or hell.

It was in these dark, lower realms of the astral planes that the Master spent the interval between the afternoon of Good Friday and Easter Dawn. There are some individuals upon earth today who still have the memory of His presence and remember the wonder of His words.

Such privileged persons devote their lives to His teachings and His mission and mostly do not teach openly, but reveal the truth quietly to those who are ready for the deeply profound mysteries.  The information taught publically, is a far cry from the real meaning of Easter.

Read more of this fascinating information in ESOTERIC MEDITATION available on the NewsStand on the iPad.

February "Esoteric Meditation" Mag. Now Available

eM Issue 6I have some great articles coming out in the following issues of Esoteric Meditation (available on the NewsStand on the iPad). In these issues I will be developing the articles further and getting to the guts of what metaphysics is all about. I will be writing on subjects that on one else wants to publish—or don’t even know anything about! Don’t miss these enlightening issues coming out once a month.

For those who are unsure of what initiation is, basically it relates to the integration of your personality with what we are currently calling the Energy Parent (Higher Soul Self) and the subsequent elevation of your consciousness. The techniques employed by the College of Esoteric Education comprise many methods by means of which such an integration and elevation of consciousness may be facilitated, but the most common one is via an attunement process using the Sirian method of meditation.

This technique is composed of many symbols pondered in meditation, until the symbol activates and elevates the consciousness.  At all times the symbol has served as a powerful tool in that particular technique. Consider it now from that viewpoint.

Intensive contemplation upon a symbol enables it to become effective. This method can also be followed today if students find it useful. The symbol must be permitted to speak to the inner self. Such exercises when faithfully pursued will reap their ultimate reward.

Imagination can be loosely defined as a veiled perception of truth. Mankind is the only living entity on this planet that can use imagination. It is a gift that most use negatively. Imagination is the picturing power of the mind; it is a constructive, or creative faculty if used correctly. Imagination has been the principal working tool of those outstanding people throughout the long annals of history, whose basic ideas have given us the means to allow us to develop and invent the necessities that allow us to live in the modern world today. Whether you believe it or not, all human beings are created equal; all arrive on this earth plane with only their body (accompanied of course with other subtle bodies, brain centres and facets), and they depart from it in the same way, leaving the body to the destructive elements of the earth, as it can no longer be used in the advancement of the soul. During the interlude on the earth plane, each one has the same struggle for survival, the same basic body to train and develop, and the same brain to think and reason. But each does not have the same opportunities. This is the great philosophical problem or question! Why is this so? These and similar questions will be answered in the following magazines.


What is a Symbol?

imagesThe ancient mystics were centuries in advance of their time as it is only now, in our own time, that men of science are beginning to grasp a simple, basic truth, realized long ago by the mystical philosophers. The mystics of old realized that words were quite inadequate to describe certain experiences and realizations, especially those that involved an interplay of thought and intuition. They realized that words were limited in their scope of expression and that they actually constricted the conscious mind, forcing it into a narrow appreciation of something that was very much wider.

If we care to look back in time, we will find many analogies and things that seem to happen over and over as in some kind of pattern. For instance, in  the Babylonian pantheon, the water god Ea ruled over the slimy waters of the great deep out of which the world was formed. It ihas bben written that In token of this tradition, a large basin of water was kept in all Babylonian temples. Ancient myths represent Ea as being a friendly deity who rose out of the sea each morning to teach man agriculture, civil government, handcrafts, and other arts of civilization. In early sculpture he is portrayed as half man and half fish and might even have been the original Aquarius, the water man in the zodiac, as well as the forerunner of Neptune.

In later versions, Ea appears as Ioannes, and as the fish god Dagon, he was worshiped by the Philistines. According to some interpretations, Ea or Ioannes represented a primeval sun god who spread his benefactions over the earth and, at the close of day, dropped into the sea to spend the night beneath the waves like a fish.

In Hindu Brahmanism, the god Vishnu, in his first incarnation, is alleged to have appeared to humanity in the form of a fish, or half man and half fish, exactly the same as Ioannes or Dagon was represented among the Chaldeans and other peoples. In the Indian version, Manu, the Hindu Noah, was saved by Vishnu who, in the form of a fish, dragged Manu’s boat to the top of a rock. Davkina, the consort of Vishnu, seems to be the same as Dav-ki or Damkina, the consort of Ea.

The Greek myth of Hercules and Hesione describes the slaying of darkness by the sun god. It relates that after King Laomedon of Troy had bound his daughter Hesione
to rocks by the sea, a sacrifice to Poseidon’s destroying monster (darkness), Hercules (the sun), saved the maiden by leaping fully armed into the fish’s gaping throat and cutting his way through the monster’s belly. The rescue of Andromeda by Perseus is another version of the same myth. The story of Jonah being swallowed by a whale and then thrown on the shore at Joppa, after three days in its belly, contains several elements which connect it with the story of Hercules and Hesione. It may also be compared with Oannes being swallowed by Tiamat, the dragon of darkness at the time of the winter solstice. Primitive Culture—Tylor

One of the most graphic pictorial symbols that my teacher showed me was of the Rosy Cross. This symbol contains much information about the elements, astrology and Kabbalah as well as other coded information. See illustration above.

Esoteric Meditation January

eM Issue 4In our January Issue of Esoteric Meditation, you will discover much about the mystical side of life as this particular issue is focussed on this area. Humanity is at long last beginning to awaken and students of modern mysticism rarely appreciate the real value of metaphysical training until they have made practical application of certain cosmic laws and principles. Not so many years have passed since mysticism was only known as a form of mysterious hidden teachings, passed over by most of humanity, more than offering any real help in the material world. There are still many people today who hold the same view regarding the knowledge that lies within the field of mystical comprehension.

It serves no purpose to develop the practical, material side of life to the exclusion of the spiritual or mystical side of life. Both sides should be developed equally to be of any  real benefit. There are always some people who wonder if others have some secret method, unusual knowledge or some secret key or code that they use for success and prosperity. Your success or failure really depends on what type of thoughts you hold in your mind. All thoughts and feelings are like boomerangs. At some point in time they rebound upon the sender, sometimes with devastating results. However positive thoughts bring abundant blessings.

The allegorical, veiled and symbolic principles of mysticism, if applied in the correct manner through the correct method of thinking, can definitely be applied to practical needs. In all the scriptures of the world, there are allegories and metaphysical symbols just waiting to be explored. If you take the time to investigate, you will discover laws and principles that can be used in the daily affairs of your life.

Unfortunately, due to other work committments and a heavy work load, we are no longer producing the monthly digital magazine.