This is a selection of the many testimonials we have received for the Pathways to Self Mastery series and other teachings at the College.

I have been associated with Lyn Asmar and the College of Esoteric Education for many years now doing the one on one Meditation which has been, and still is a fantastic journey of self discovery. In addition I have done all of the courses which have been offered since I first joined the College including many different healing modalities such as Reiki and Seichem and other subjects which are less well known but equally beneficial in their application. The Meditation is great, the courses are informative, thought provoking and a whole lot of fun and I have enjoyed every aspect of my involvement with the College and Lyn herself. It really is an “Esoteric Education” and I would highly recommend it.

Vernon Flood, Brisbane

I have now been part of the College of Esoteric Education for a period of seven years. In that time I have obtained a greater understanding of myself and my place in this vast universe. At times it has not been easy and the challenges many, but from this, my personal development and growth has been enormous. If you are on a path of personal growth and spiritual development, then you may well find what you are searching for. I would thoroughly recommend this College to anyone who is a seeker of truth.

Paul F. Brisbane

Pathways to Self Mastery, a meditation programme taught by the College of Esoteric Education, has been for me, a profoundly personal journey of self discovery, self growth, spiritual development and knowledge. It has enabled me to truly look within. A life changing experience.
L.F. Brisbane

If you have ever wondered about the mysteries of life, I would like to recommend Lyn Asmar’s Meditation courses. You will be taken on a wonderful journey that will help in so many ways in dealing with life’s ups and downs and exciting revelations on your inner journey. I have found the many courses Lyn offers very rewarding in personal growth and inspiration.
Diane M. Brisbane.

I have been a student of Lyn Asmar and the Pathways to Self-Mastery Program at the College of Esoteric Education for several years. It has ‘gently’ turned my life around over that time exposing old beliefs and habits and revealing an inner world previously unknown to me. I wholeheartedly recommend this journey.
Andrea B. Balina

I wish the world we live in could be attuned to what we have been gifted through this course. I would like to go forth and help those that wish to be helped with my knowledge thus far.
Julian F. Thornside

Mrs. Lyn Asmar has been known to me for a period of four and a half years. My association with Mrs Asmar started when she was a teacher at the College of Esoteric Science. l have found her to be completely trustworthy, competent and professional and over the years have recommended many people to her in the capacity of healing and meditation. l am confident Mrs. Asmar will succeed in any business venture she undertakes.
Tracie D. Brisbane

I have known Mrs Lyn Asmar for approximately four years and have found her to be professional and very helpful. Throughout this period I have found the meditation to be invaluable as it has provided me with guidance in times of difficulty both physical and emotional. The meditation taught by Lyn is gentle in its approach and very effective in its soothing influence. I strongly recommend this meditation and would not hesitate in referring anyone to its therapeutic and supportive style. Lyn’s guidance has strengthened me as a person and helped me to communicate and relate with other people professionally and personally. I have thanked my friend Ms T. D. many times for introducing me to Lyn, as the experience has been and is constantly rewarding.
Scott G. Cairns

Lyn Asmar has been instructing me in meditation for approximately 18 months. The work we do on a one-to-one basis has benefitted me greatly in my personal development and jy health and I enjoy Lyn’s method of teaching the subject. Having spent many years as an Office Manager/Shareholder in our Architectural practice and Investor, I find that Lyn has a professional attitude to her work and I intend to continue with Lyn into the near future.
Carmel D. Tennyson

I have recommended the meditation program, “Pathways to Self-Mastery” currently being re-established and taught by Lyn Asmar. My association with Lyn began four years ago when I started as a student of the College. I would like to finish the course because I have found it to be of great value to me personally as a way to get in touch with my own spiritual and personal development path. It is teaching me a lot about who I really am, and what my potential is.
Christine S. Brisbane

The seminar was taught in such a way as to present the Reiki energy at its deepest levels and the information and practice involved was, and will continue to be most beneficial in all aspects of healing and developing of the intuition, in harmony with the meditation. The seminar was wonderful!
Kylie P. Geebung

Reiki 1 was fantastic and Reiki 11 is more so. For me it was away from physical touch to a higher level of communication ie. vision, hearing, and projecting senses were heightened. Instruction was easily understood and very indepth.
Connie A. Cairns

Lyn Asmar has been working with me in meditation and healing for approximately 11 months. I have found Lyn’s work at all times to be professional and successful. Lyn approaches her work with great dedication and passion and I have found it a joy to work with her.
Cheryl B. Annerley

I have commenced the meditation program “Pathways to Self-Mastery” as taught by Lyn Asmar. I would like to finish the program because it has been invaluable to me as a tool I can use daily in my life and without Lyn’s guidance, I would be lost.
Anne H. Yeronga

I have started the meditation program, “Pathways to self-Mastery” as taught by Lyn Asmar. I have found the program both rewarding and enlightening and I would like to finish the course.
Elizabeth Q. Ipswich

Has been interesting, informative and pleasant. I would like to continue exploring to gain an active consciousness of my inner self.
Peter B. Mt. Gravatt

Thank you for the wonderful reading you did for me; talk about spot on! I am starting to get back on track after another roller-coaster ride…that I actually enjoyed, because I was open to learning.
Anne H.S. Brisbane

A better understanding of my higher self and the steps needed to benefit my journey. To a novice, I was grateful my questions were answered and everything explained in detail.
Leonie M. Sunnybank Hills

Thoroughly enjoyable. Good to mix with a group of like-minded persons. Has made me consider continuing on to a higher level.
Michael F. Algester

I think it was a really good learning experience. It’s definitely enhanced my meditation skills and I can’t wait to do more study when I am ready for it.
Juliet M. Brisbane

A very helpful and loving atmosphere, a gentleness.
Sandra T. Ipswich

I enjoyed the sharing of experiences. Apart from reinforcing some of my changed beliefs, it also gave me some other things or aspects of my attitude to think about as well as other things about my life.
Silvia M. Balmoral

Thank you Lyn for your guidance and direction taking me forward to further levels of harmony and love.
Laurel G. Everton Park

This was excellent; I have enjoyed it a lot. Thank you Lyn for all your work and energy.
Tracie D. Toowong

I feel as though I am moving very slowly towards what I am to be; to be my full potential.
Karen L. Springfield

Very enlightening and I feel it is just what I have been searching for. In other words, I loved it.
Ronda Williams, Goodna

I felt enlightened enormously. I feel that everything is so enjoyable and done in a wonderful atmosphere. Thank you so much, Lyn.
Sue H. Regents park

I felt totally encased in unconditional love from all directions. I felt everything has been covered completely and clearly explained. All in all I had a great time. Thank you, Lyn.
Angeline K. Brisbane

I enjoyed the experience and want to learn more.
Tess C. Brisbane

I feel much more confident about using Reiki than previously. The seminar had a very encouraging feel to it.
Helen M. Clayfield

At first, very anxious; I didn’t know much about Reiki or energies. Now I feel uplifted and a stronger person, hopefully to become a friendlier, more open and loving person.
Carol S, Victoria Pt.

I really enjoyed the Reiki experience and the energy. It was relaxed, informative and enjoyable.
Marjorie P. Carina Heights

The information given and the discussion of this was helpful, even if I never use Reiki, because it validated and reinforced the spiritual learning I’m involved with.
Rebecca R. Tarragindi

I was able to feel included with the group, even though the course was two days and I attended one only. The information given today and course material have expanded by understanding. Thank you, Lyn.
Noela B. Tivoli

I have enjoyed the seminar and look forward to using this healing modality. I experienced many things. Thank you for your teachings and sharing them.
Barbara T. Yeronga

Allowing people to speak about their own experiences, knowledge etc. was good. It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to practice with different people within the class.
Faye P. Mt. Gravatt

I feel very blessed to do the course and receive the healing energy symbols. it was a very relaxed course and very informative.
Judith T. Brisbane

Thank you Lyn for sharing such a beautiful energy with me. I look forward to a lot more.
Rob. J. Salisbury

I certainly felt a release of emotions, which I feel would allow me to help others.
Faye T. MacGregor

Thank you Lyn for allowing me to learn Reiki; your teaching methods are easy to follow, relaxing and I learnt a lot. I have an inner knowing that I need to take my healing journey further.
Tania O. Karalee

This seminar has given me a much better understanding of Reiki, the way it works and the subtle differences between the types of energy. It also helped clarify questions and frustrations related to my meditation.
Richard M. Manly

Very informative and relaxed atmosphere. No problem at all with the course. I finished the course being very happy and confident that my channel will open wider with practice.
Gary K. Bethania

It has given me a great start, hopefully I will be able to continue and expand my spiritual journey. thank you so much.
R.S. Gold, River Downs

Enjoyed working in a small group and I felt comfortable and confident to participate. Feeling very uplifted.
Robbie S. Woodridge

Very informative; the workbook will be very helpful. I also thought the opportunities for hands-on-practice were enough to give me a very clear picture to the methods.
Robyn S. Eight Mile Plains

Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar; one-on-one training was very helpful. Loads of information to digest, informative manual for instruction and teaching material.
Noelene M. Jimboomba

I enjoyed the seminar immensely. I found the whole experience very educational but at the same time calming and relaxing. I felt especially blessed that I was able to experience it with my daughter.
Margaret G. Kenmore Hills.

I had a great day; very interesting and I am excited about practicing. Lyn, you are a wonderful teacher.
Fiona B. Wellington Point.

Surprised at being able to “feel things” straight away.
Sylvia R. Gold Coast

Very beneficial in helping me to develop and grow my spirituality and in turn lead a life at peace with myself and others.
Sandy G. Loganholm

I felt comfortable. I felt balanced and more aware and in tune with my body. Also felt energized and enlightened. Thank you Lyn.
Francesca R. Runcorn

Very enlightening, informative and encouraging. This class has helped make the healing modality of Reiki and energy flow much more tangible.
Paul J. MacKenzie

I’m over-awed by my new ability to do Reiki. I feel very privileged. Simply that.
Pamela W. Noosa Heads

Note: We would like to say thank you to all our students for their wonderful feedback and allowing us to publish their testimonials here on our website.