Welcome to the College of Esoteric Education a place to learn about yourself and your relationship with the world around you. We teach the deeper truths pertaining to the spiritual makeup of humanity, and lead our students through structured and instructed journeys that culminate in the soul merge.



Picture 5Pathways to Self Mastery is a teaching of profound Wisdom, channeled through from the Sirian Source. The simplicity of this teaching lies in an understanding of energy as it steps itself down through the four fold body structure, spiritual, mental and emotional until it reaches physical manifestation. This life changing teaching is a dynamic, powerful and practical form of channelled meditation and as it is passed by attunement, it is taught in a private one-on-one meditation program.



StudyOver forty years of research has gone into constructing various courses relating to meditation and healing, including courses on subjects such as Reiki, SKHM, Medi-Map, Vibronics, Spiritual and Etheric Surgery, Pendulum and Wand Dowsing, Esoteric Tarot and Kabbalah, how to understand and see the Aura, the practical teachings of Merlin and so on. Some shortly available online, and don’t forget our amazing in-depth Home Study Course Mysticism 101.


Healing Therapies

Mysticism 101Many have been receivers of divine energy in the form of healing rays, and pass the energy to those requiring assistance. This radiant energy heals by flowing through the affected parts of the body and its associated energy fields charging them with the vital life force of the universe. Many different healing modalities and techniques are available through the college.


Sacred Journeys

canstockphoto8817732The ancients gave the injunction: “Man know thyself and then you will know the secrets of the universe.” How do you get to know the self? Ancient Pathworking teachings provide the techniques for accomplishing this inward focus and experience. It is practical and clears the energy fields of accumulated stuck energy to allow the travel to inner knowledge and wisdom.