Goddess Wand

This beautiful Goddess wand has been especially created for channelling the Divine Feminine energies. You will need to go into a deep meditative state, connect with the feminine principle inside of yourself, then ask to be connected with the Divine Feminine, however you perceive her to be. This idea may come to you as Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, or one of the Egyptian, Roman, Greek or Pagan Goddesses.  Remember all Goddesses represent the Divine Feminine nature. This information may come forward as a vision or just a feeling of heightened awareness. When you are able to perceive this you will be able to channel the love/wisdom principle through your wand for healing or just to send loving energies through to someone in need. As we are moving into a feminine age again, a lot of female healers are returning to channelling the Divine Feminine energies once more.

This Goddess Wand is $125.00 


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Goddess Wands

We have a great range of unquie hand crafted Goddess Wands. They are designed with love and enchanted for specific purposes such as healing or channeling. You can also email us below to request your own special qualities you would in your own Goddess Wand. Goddess Wands range from $110.00 to $175.00 depending on the size and crystals or other requirements in the creation process.

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Channeling Wands

We also have a great range of channeling wands all created with crystals to assist in the channeling process and target the energies you are requiring for your channeling sessions. We also take orders for your desgin of channeling wands choosing the crystals and colours you would like in your wand. Channeling Wands range from $70.00 to $115.00 depending on the crystals and purpose of the wands.

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Elemental Wands

Our Elemental Wamds are a speciality wand designed with the divas to bring Elemental Energies to your assistance to create and work with you in you wand use. Each wand has its own connection with Elementals and is only suited to particular people. So you will find these ones will call you and be created specificly for you on request. Elemental Wands range from $95.00 to $145.00 depending on the types of elementals we are working with.