Vibronic Healing

Vibronic Healing

217857862Vibronic healing was born out of a need to reach into the human structure more deeply as the energies of transformation began impacting upon humanity at the current age end in preparation for the new era of Light and Harmony. This naturally caused many disturbances throughout the auric structure and subtle bodies of those interested in moving into the new frequencies, as old conditions were impacted upon.

The origins of Vibronic Healing are linked to ancient spiritual practices that utilize spiritual healing as a modality and this unique healing process grounds all emotional, mental and spiritual healing so it can be implemented into a person’s everyday life as a practical application towards behavioural change.

Through a radically different technique, we are able to access the information the body, mind, soul and spirit wish to convey. The process is able to measure the flow of the vital life force in and around the human system.

This process alone is tremendously healing. Some of the main health problems are related to a separation from the Higher Self. This separation causes blockages in the energy flow and sets up negative imprints and patterns that show themselves through behaviour towards, and interaction with others. Other false negative programming can be cleared quickly and effectively using the Vibronic techniques.

If we are not able to heal ourselves at the emotional or mental level, eventually disease or illness will prevail in the physical body. This format works very intuitively and relates to various categories: (a) nutritional/chemical imbalances (b) the electro-magnetic fluids in the body (c) structural imbalances (d) the etheric body (e) the emotional body (f) the mental body (g) the spiritual body (h) astral intrusion (i) genetic/ancestral control. (j) dark forces or other invasive entities, such as larvae or elementaries (k) cellular memories (l) karmic debt imprints (m) psychic filtration etc. Once these imbalances are cleared vibronically, both personal and spiritual growth can begin to occur as the higher frequencies clear the negative influences.

These abilities are developed under deep meditative discipline coupled with training in the function of energy as it applies to human life. The keynote of this therapy is “Energy Resonance.” It is the work of the therapist to effect this resonance amongst all the energy factors involved in the healing circumstance. These include the therapist, the patient and the overall energy matrix to which both belong. Personal beliefs neither affect the process of therapy nor are affected by it. In its foundational energy, the life of one is as spiritual as the other. Any person of any belief can be treated.

This kind of healing activity has been as much a part of this ending cycle as the physical therapies have been. And just as the physical therapies have come into their present maturity, so we find a similar circumstance in the spiritually based therapies. Certainly, they are not united amongst themselves to any degree comparable with other therapies; the common framework of energy activity that could bring them more closely together is not recognized.

But then, the evolvement of human consciousness, generally speaking, is not yet at the stage where that kind of perception is possible. Nevertheless, the emergence of any kind of energy therapy, coupled with the energy teaching that explains its healing activity, represents one way in which more subtle therapies are coming into fruition. It is not assumed that Energy Therapy is the only way in which this climaxing is happening. There are many similar developments throughout this planet where the allied understanding is not the same.

One of the important premises of this therapy is that sickness and disease are inevitable. They are the results of forces projected by this Planetary Logos and it is assumed that the proliferation of such would continue until, at the end of its cycle of projection, the Logos will withdraw all its proliferations back into itself. Always remember that throughout that interplay runs the theme of duality.

In this view, viruses and bacteria are the products of group souls, which in terms of their own function, are fulfilling command requirements to no lesser degree than the group souls projecting humanity. And it so happens that in the required interplay between one group soul and another, via their projected results, there are consequences that are both pleasant and unpleasant. Human involvement in these consequences is both as victim and perpetrator. The discomforts of a viral infection, for example, may well be weighed against the steaks that grace dinner plates and the supportive role that many life styles give to the killing of other creatures. In the face of this interplay, there is no criterion by which humanity can be guaranteed any exemption from its suffering.

This teaching and therapy promulgate no dietary disciplines. It is held that people differ considerably and no formula can be devised that would suit equally all needs. The answer to individual difficulties lies in the particular configuration of energies that is each person. The purpose of therapy lies there. Rarely does it lie in physical things alone. In some cases, diet might assist in mitigating effects, but of itself it cannot alter deeper causes.

However, there is an old maxim that states, “A healthy mind produces a healthy body.” And even our Scriptures state that it is not what is put into the body that defiles it but what comes out of the mouth. The involvement of group souls in the drama of sickness and healing also lies in ways other than the interplay between one group soul and another. The group soul is responsible for the forcing through of energy into matter in the form of a particular species. As such, it is responsible not only for the projection of the species’ genetic code, but also for the way in which the code is carried forward and the alterations that occur to it. Within the one group soul, there are circumstances arising out of these functions that also contribute to human difficulties. Group soul energies that are presently involved in our existence have also been projected many times previously into incarnate existence.

Consequently, they bear the mark of all their past experiencing. Written into these energies are the tales of past worries on the part of humanity – war, distress, disease, trauma. These unhappy aspects of our history give rise to cumulative effects in the group soul. They exist there as shadows or discolourations and they impede or distort the projecting activity that still must go on from that group soul.

As a result, we find certain weaknesses or vulnerabilities ‘bred’ into a family, a race or nation. They are features ‘written into’ the genetics of a people and they are caused there because that which projects the genetic code in the first place is obstructed by the unresolved fruits of its own experience. Many ailments and difficulties experienced by people originate in these historically accrued effects and imprints within energies of the group soul.

Through these circumstances, the various levels of the group soul go through their required learning. These foci are not infallible. They have had to mature in their own right, and the evolvement of humanity from primitivity to its present state is a product of that maturing. The responsibility of these foci is the overcoming of the difficulties peculiar to a projecting source. This is not a learning in the way that we humanly understand it. It is not a matter of experimenting, or reading books and finding knowledge in that manner. The knowledge is of a different kind.

Vibronic healing is a spiritual modality overseen by the Celestial Soul and is suitable for those who are considering undertaking metaphysical training.

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