The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics

Ancient Secrets Revealed in this Unusual BookA wonderful metaphysical Tour de Force, a magical adventure, a journey to enlightenment, and a rollicking good read! This book has it all, a handsome hero, a lot of pretty girls, an absent-minded professor, and even a couple of dastardly villains! This book is imaginative and well written; it is set in England and an important message for each of us threads its way through this magical book. The pace is fast, the magic is outstanding and the plot is thrilling. This is an important and groundbreaking book that in the best tradition of metaphysical writings contains an important message that weaves and traces its way through this exciting story. On the surface the book reads like a fast paced action thriller with well fleshed out plots, characters you can warm to and enough suspense to make you want to race towards the final chapter.

But, hidden between the lines and underpinning the foundations of this thriller is the Sirian message—an important message offering guidance, hope and direction. If you’ve ever felt Mankind may be teetering on the brink of a self made catastrophe, and if you’ve ever wondered why some people receive messages and others don’t—this book answers those questions—simultaneously, and in a multi-dimensional way so that everyone who reads this book can understand it on a variety of levels.

Its message brings us all into a new age—a better one that was envisaged for us many thousands of years ago by Beings many millions of light years away, they’re here, this author has channelled their message, and the result is this amazing book. I loved it! The author, Lyn Asmar ought to be on the New York Times best seller list. Even the cover of this book is mysterious and intriguing, and I loved it so much, l am on my second reading of it. This book is too good to put down—everl”

Hans von Strepple – 3rd September 2012

BOOK REVIEW of The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics for Lyn Asmar Principal of College of Esoteric Education, Brisbane, Australia by Hans von Strepple