What are Archetypes?

Projecting our inner world onto our outer environment is not something we do consciously. This is simply the way the subconscious functions. This projection happens so continuously and unconsciously that we are usually totally unaware of the process even taking place. These projections, however, are useful tools in gaining self-knowledge for as we become aware of what is happening, we begin to know who we are. There are major streams of energy that flow through each human being depending on the faceted configuration used for each incarnation. These streams are pure energy patterns or archetypal energy, but they become distorted by daily living and begin to colour the projection of energy in a specific manner

Down through the millennia, these projections began to assume personalities until in more modern times we began to know them as archetypes. These archetypes function in the subconscious in much the same way as instincts function in the conscious.

Although the specific form of these archetypes may vary from culture to culture and even from person to person, their basic character remains the same because they are based on the seven universal principles that have initiated our local universe. These seven principles have diversified into many forms and many archetypal images. The most commonly known archetypal images that we are familiar with are the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the 22 Tarot Trumps with their analogies to the 22 Hebrew Letters, the Egyptian gods and goddesses, the Roman gods and goddesses and the Greek gods and goddesses.

Sometime in the futureI may list a summary of some of the different guises that the seven principles of our local universe have donned over the years. They have never been embodied, but they have never left us. Their influence today is as strong as ever it was in the past. They exist in subtlety in the collective unconsciousness of humanity but their influence continues to come through the various nations and ultimately the personality types.

These archetypes that are expressed through astrology, the tarot, the Greek, Egyptian and Roman gods and goddesses are not of course, these beings, they merely represent the fact that these universal principles are known about through many different cultures.