How Does Fear Come About?

dreamstime_5956800How does fear come about in modern man? Let’s go back a little way here and look in time at the projection of the soul from the Group Soul. Moving forward, we can see the projection from the soul in the form of facets that inhabit the emotional/mental body in a human prototype, and then we see the proliferating, commanding force causing first of all, a disembodied existence. In that disembodied existence we have the beginnings of fear. The reason for this is the forcing away from the soul of that energy that is ultimately to be embodied; the spawning from the soul into the beginning of the end result of the step down of energy, which results in a material form.

There we also have the beginning of emotion, the beginning of that which you call fear. We might just mention that this occurs in a similar but different fashion in all spawnings or projections. All projections leave the parent energy and they experience that which in a human, appears as fear. At the deeper levels in the Logos this is different. This does not mean that the projection from the Logos, allegorically called the Child of the Logos experiences fear because it is separate from the Logos. It means that that enormous intensity, which is the Child of the Logos, will undergo an experience of separateness from its projector.

So looking ahead, then we have the beginning of embodiment, and we have the increasing inflow of forces in the early embodied mankind. We will not worry about the intermediate stages although they, in their turn, also experienced fear.

As mankind appeared as such he began to experience not only the separateness from his projector but the facets began to be exposed to untoward experiences, untoward happenings and the word fear was really born then. It has carried forward in a mounting sense—cycling but mounting.

So how does fear come about in modern day humanity? In this present day the word fear describes that which is an inherent condition of each facet in the emotional/mental body that has carried forward its impression of being separate, and its impression of being compelled to undergo that which it would prefer not to.

Even though the incarnate experience is a necessary part of the development of all personalities, those facets that reincarnate would prefer not to.



Rekindle your Relationship

canstockphoto7371359Time to rekindle your relationship? When you first meet your partner, everything seems new and exciting. You have that delicious feeling in the pit of your tummy, and your heart beats much faster. You can’t stop looking at the other person, and they seem to be just perfect. This is looking at the world through rose coloured glasses.

You will overlook the little annoying things the other person does, if in fact you notice at all. However, after time, once the glamour of the relationship starts to thin a little, the nagging often starts, and instead of hearing, “You look beautiful,” or “You look great in that outfit”, you might hear something like: “Why are you wearing that dress?” If this has happened in your relationship, first, the two of you need to sit down and be honest that things might have changed a little. Perhaps one of you is going through a stressful time and hasn’t effectively communicated that to the other partner. It is better to be upfront and honest as soon as the hairline fractures start to appear. Often it is beneficial to remember what attracted you to the person at the beginning of the relationship, and concentrate on the positive aspects of the relationship, rather than on the annoying things.

This is when the real work starts in a relationship, and the truth is, both of you will have to work at this. Often, it will not be easy, but it is possible to rekindle the passion in your relationship. You see, we all have the vital life force constantly flowing through us as living energies that contain ideas and information, and, depending on your compatibility, your partner’s ideas may be totally different to yours.

The way we express these energies is through specific patterns of instinctual behavior, or thought processes.  These energies work through the forces that make up the impersonal part of humanity’s psyche that all of us share. When they particularize, we call them archetypes. For example, if I say to you, “Oh, she is the perfect mother.” You know exactly what I mean. She is living out the mother archetype. These archetypes automatically project themselves outwardly from within us onto whatever or whoever is available in our outer world.

For example, the person we like or dislike instantly, a fondness or antipathy for birds, cats, dogs or horses, a peace-inducing picture of an angel, perhaps a favourite print or a certain piece of sculpture. Each of these images acts as a screen for the archetypal forces that live within us, and project out of us onto anything that will act as a screen to project back to us what we need to become aware of, whether that be an inanimate object or a person.

This archetypal energy can mold and change our behavior, even shaping certain structures of our lives, but are often unknown as the energy functions just beneath the level of personality awareness. In each human being these energies gather into in an individual and unique pattern. So this is the energy that causes fluctua­tions and change in our relationships and can also rekindle them. These processes are unknown to our personalities, and are one of the main causes of trouble in a relationship. You can sometimes witness an archetype taking over someone’s personality, for example, when that person becomes inebriated and acts like someone other than their normal waking self.

It is imperative to be informed about such matters if your relationship is a bit shaky, and you want to rekindle your relationship so it can move to a different level. Sometimes you need to begin again and capture the initial excitement. The secret is kindness and compassion for each other.

There is a lot of information I will be writing about concerning archetypes, projections, temperaments, the inner child, the personality, consciousness, unconsciousness and so on.

Watch out for tomorrows post on ‘Time Management’