February "Esoteric Meditation" Mag. Now Available

eM Issue 6I have some great articles coming out in the following issues of Esoteric Meditation (available on the NewsStand on the iPad). In these issues I will be developing the articles further and getting to the guts of what metaphysics is all about. I will be writing on subjects that on one else wants to publish—or don’t even know anything about! Don’t miss these enlightening issues coming out once a month.

For those who are unsure of what initiation is, basically it relates to the integration of your personality with what we are currently calling the Energy Parent (Higher Soul Self) and the subsequent elevation of your consciousness. The techniques employed by the College of Esoteric Education comprise many methods by means of which such an integration and elevation of consciousness may be facilitated, but the most common one is via an attunement process using the Sirian method of meditation.

This technique is composed of many symbols pondered in meditation, until the symbol activates and elevates the consciousness.  At all times the symbol has served as a powerful tool in that particular technique. Consider it now from that viewpoint.

Intensive contemplation upon a symbol enables it to become effective. This method can also be followed today if students find it useful. The symbol must be permitted to speak to the inner self. Such exercises when faithfully pursued will reap their ultimate reward.

Imagination can be loosely defined as a veiled perception of truth. Mankind is the only living entity on this planet that can use imagination. It is a gift that most use negatively. Imagination is the picturing power of the mind; it is a constructive, or creative faculty if used correctly. Imagination has been the principal working tool of those outstanding people throughout the long annals of history, whose basic ideas have given us the means to allow us to develop and invent the necessities that allow us to live in the modern world today. Whether you believe it or not, all human beings are created equal; all arrive on this earth plane with only their body (accompanied of course with other subtle bodies, brain centres and facets), and they depart from it in the same way, leaving the body to the destructive elements of the earth, as it can no longer be used in the advancement of the soul. During the interlude on the earth plane, each one has the same struggle for survival, the same basic body to train and develop, and the same brain to think and reason. But each does not have the same opportunities. This is the great philosophical problem or question! Why is this so? These and similar questions will be answered in the following magazines.