Music That Heals

canstockphoto4742593There are various things that you can achieve with your inner vision, as there are no limitations to this psychic faculty. A world of marvellous phenomena awaits you—if you take the time to relax, and just listen to soothing, relaxing music; for it is also music that heals. You can discover how your inner vision works as you watch the marvellous geometric shapes formed by the music start to appear before your mind’s eye.

Do you know the latest discoveries of the effects of music on the physical body? Soothing, relaxing music helps the body to de-stress; allows your breathing to become slower and deeper, and allows emotional blockages to drain away. It can stimulate the production of endorphins leaving you happy and peaceful. After a while, your psychic centres will begin to respond and you will become increasingly aware of some of them as they pulse in time to the music. They will also begin to take on beautiful shapes and colours but you will probably only observe this when you are in an altered state of consciousness.

Sometimes the music will immediately put you into such a relaxed state that you will automatically slip into an altered state of consciousness. This is where it can become really interesting because you will start to see the sounds coming forward as multicoloured geometrical shapes; some squares, some triangles some circles, some vortices and some really odd shapes. They will burst forward into full shape and iridescent colour, then fade and die away as the notes change as others begin to take their place.

To reap the full benefit of this activity, you need slow classical music. Once you allow the inherent psychic ability to develop fully, you can experiment with different types of music for totally different results. But it is the classical music that heals.