Mankind is basically three divisions

The Three Subdivisions:

These three divisions are progressive manifestations of energy in a coarser form, coming through to the coarsest form in which energy may manifest itself, which is the physical body—the physical organs.  We will begin from this point and explain that if we take an incarnate being, we will point out that the basis of the entity is the spine, the two lobes of the cerebellum, and the two brain hemispheres with their associated middle brain lobes.  The body physical is built around this structure. The glandular system is an intermediate state between the more coarse manifestation of energy that is the direct physical, the various organs, the bones, the muscles and so on, and the ‘spiritual’ which is the energy blueprint for the physical.

 Now, we will leave that physical structure for the moment and explain this:  If you take an organ, any organ, and for example, we will take the liver—the liver has many functions, it is vitally important in the functioning of the human body.  We will ask you to accept that the liver does not function of its own physical self.  The automatic question is, then, how does it function?


Organic Structure

The liver is a replication, or a duplication, if you wish of more subtle matter; it is also controlled by a focus of energy (an organ entity)that causes that liver to fulfill its functions.  Upon this rests the whole basis of our ability to heal and this applies in degree to all organs, to all parts of the physical clothing of the basic form. Each organ of importance has its own energy focus directing its operation and it may be that this is impeded.

Now, we ask you to think of those impediments; they come in a matter of degree.  You may take an impediment to, say the left kidney.  A doctor may understand the type of malfunctioning caused by that impediment and there may be a drug which will restrain the impediment or which will hold back its operation.  There may be a period, then, when the naturalness, the focus of that one which is the kidney, takes over and it becomes impossible for that impediment to return.  This is one reason for the few cures that the conventional healing processes achieve.


The Spark:

So, we consider the entity which is basically the spine and the brain.  The impediments there are of a greatly different nature and we do not wish to enlarge on these at the moment.  There is a centre located between the shoulder blades, at which there is a spark that energises the whole incarnate entity.  To use an analogy, this spark is a child, a projection of its parent, the Energy Parent or Higher Soul Self, and we come back now to the three divisions of the incarnate being.  This spark projects a manifestation that is presently being called the focal bodyand in this focal body resides all the deep causation of sickness, be it mental, be it physical.


Minor Illnesses:

If you have a common cold the cause does not reside in the focal body.  That which resides in the focal body can progressively cause withdrawal, or, as you call it, death; the lighter causes reside elsewhere.  This focal body, which, we repeat, is a projection of that energising spark, without which no one would exist. That energising spark projects out of itself; but it projects only part, not all of itself. That focal body, then, projects outward by means of a communicating Link, which is presently being called the etheric body.

This Link has a deep part and a shallow part.  The deep part is able to communicate with and transfer energy from the focal body, which is its function; it transfers energy in various forms.  The shallower part of that Link communicates with the entities that are the various organs. The brain centres, the hemispheres, and the lobes, follow a somewhat different path.

We do not wish to go deeply into the mechanics of healing yet; however, we would at this stage point to the fact that when man was made in God’s image, it was such that man was made as a trinity,as is the Godhead. Man is a projection of, a step down of the trinity structure of the Godhead. We just mention this briefly in passing.


The Trinity of Man:

Man was obviously not made after the physical form, but he was made as a trinity or in the image of that trinity; mankind is basically three divisions.