Your Spiritual Self

To be able to connect with your spiritual self requires a quiet mind and the ability to be able to maintain the stillness long enough for the spiritual essence to filter through from the deeper levels and impact upon the conscious mind in the form of spiritual guidance. Learning to connect with the divine part of yourself, commonly called the Higher Self, the Energy Parent or the Christ Consciousness within, and learning to live this as an expression of life is one of the most important tasks for this time on our planet.

We are going through vast changes as we move out of one great age and begin to embrace the energies of another. There is a Great Unknowable Source from which all things have proceeded, be they human, animal, vegetable or mineral, be they in this Solar System or another and the most common term that we know for this Source is God, Mother/Father God, the Creator, the Infinite One, the Infinite Knower, Universal Mind or Universal Energy. The ancient cultures were aware of the masculine and feminine qualities that existed in the Godhead but divided them into archetypal forms and personalized them such as the Egyptian and Roman deities and the Greek and Indian gods and goddesses.

In all the Scriptures of the world, this Source has been personalized for ease of understanding. And because the side of it that we are aware of most of all, is active, powerful, knowledgeable and present everywhere, we have come to know it as our heavenly Father. You have become individual because the Creator has individualized Himself/Herself in you; thus you reveal the life of the Creator in the bodily state, although this is usually submerged by the current personality, unless you have activated your chakra system and become aware of your own inherent spiritual energies. But your mortal sense will blind you to this truth if you look without instead of looking within. Everything you need is within you.

You are all sons and daughters of the Most High, your spiritual self is asleep within you, and as you enter into communication with your Energy Parent, this is the attitude you should take in with you: a son or a daughter approaching your Energy Parent, the heavenly Father/Mother within you. Approach the deeper, subtle, parts of yourself in a loving manner. All you have to do then, is wait, resting in the energies your have invoked in Communion. Your spiritual self will then awaken, and all you have to do is torest in the energies and be aware of any information you may receive.Your Spiritual Self


Be Enlightened!

What does it mean to be enlightened? Firstly, let me say that something that is of a finite nature cannot understand something that is infinite. According to science, the earth was formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago; about 4 billion years ago the earth had no oxygen and no protective ozone layer and may have been bombarded by meteorites. About 1 billion years ago the planet started to cool and violent storms raged for thousands of years allowing the formation of oceans. The formation of algae photosynthesized to produce oxygen and to help form the protective ozone layer. Approximately 500million years ago plant life and trees appeared and produced even more oxygen; eventually approximately 120 million years ago the dinosaurs and more advanced plant life developed. 65 million years ago it is believed that a huge meteorite hit the planet destroying all life forms. Scientifically it is believed that the first human type beings came onto the planet approximately 1.7 million years ago.

Just as dreams can be interpreted in many different ways until one learns how to interpret them symbolically, so too can the Scriptures be interpreted as a dream and unless one is able to grasp the meaning of the symbols, allegories, myths and parables contained in the information, it will remain like many of our dreams, non-understandable to the conscious mind. Scripture is really about initiation and it was used to illustrate this point many thousands of years ago and it is still being used to illustrate this point today even though it may seem contradictory and nonunderstandable if one does not take the necessary time to learn its secrets. Scripture, no matter from what system, can be read as a practical textbook once the symbology is understood but few people have taken the trouble to gain this understanding or don’t know how to obtain the information.

If we take a passage from Scripture.. “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not made anything that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” This holds a very deep metaphysical key relating to the spoken word materialising—practical Kabbalah.

In order to find out what this “word” means we need to go back to the Greek. In the Greek it means Logos. The translators of this text could have used the term “expression” instead of “word”. Metaphysically, Logos means channel. Now just suppose the translators used the word “expression” instead of just “word” – we will find that it changes the whole meaning of the text and may read something like this:

In the beginning was the Logos and the Logos was God expressing himself. This same expression was in the beginning with God. And everything that was made was made out of this expression of God as he channelled it through himself. And this expression of God is life. And the life in man is only because God is expressing himself in him. And if any man recognizes the light within himself he becomes enlightened because he recognizes that God is expressing himself in him. This is what it means to be enlightened. Those who make this discovery realize themselves to be sons and daughters of God. Those who don’t discover this live in darkness.


Cycling Related to Function

These two universal fundamentals, cycling and function, are totally integrated one with the other. Much richness of understanding follows from a deeper appreciation of these aspects of the universe controlling, as they do, each person’s existence in this incarnate form.

Every part of this whole universe cycles; not only does the whole universe cycle, not only does the planet cycle, but every tiny particle cycles. Look for the patterns; always patterning. Obviously mankind, or shall we say one man in his passage through the incarnate years also undergoes that breathing process, that cycling. Birth is the beginning of that overall cycling which, of course, ends with withdrawal or what you refer to as death. Incorporated in that overall cycling are many sub-cycles.

For optimum health, and to conform to universality, each one of the bodies of humankind must cycle. It is so designed that during daylight, waking hours the physical body cycles. Many people are not particularly at their best upon wakening; as the hours pass they feel better and better reaching a peak somewhere about the midday point, and beginning to decline in the late afternoon. This is the physical cycle, and as each of you are aware, very often the withdrawal of the physical occurs when the physical body is not at its peak.

In the late afternoon, as the physical body declines, the etheric body begins to cycle, prior to the decline of the physical, and it reaches its peak late in the evening. The etheric body declines and reaches nadir during the early hours of the morning, during which period the emotional/mental body has cycled, and it reaches its peak in the early hours of the morning, perhaps four or five o’clock. These are sub-cycles and are incorporated in a periodic cycle that occupies many days. During the period of approximately a month a person will experience a peak period, which of course, depends upon several factors. He will also experience down turns occurring at approximately monthly intervals.

Again, this cycling is incorporated in spaces of years; it is popularly supposed that man changes every seven years, this is not so. Within each entity there is a fluctuation by which is meant a rise to a peak and a withdrawal, and another rise to a peak and a withdrawal, but the time period varies greatly from person to person. The age of each of those cycles is between five and ten years.

Consider the fact that the cycling rule or law, is imperative; it applies to every particle of this universe. It is inevitable; it has to happen. Consider, then, on this meditative return path, that there must also be a cycling, there must be an overall cycling and there must be cycles within cycles. This does not mean that you will be able to meditate successfully at one period, and unable at another. Rather, there will be great progress at one period and lesser progress at others.

Meditative paths often seem difficult but this is because of the cycling inherent in incarnate living, relative to your function whilst on the Earth Plane. Some experience what humanly would be called troubles. They are of course, not; they are purely inherent principles of that cycling that contain opportunities to cleanse, clear and heal on all levels of being before being able to move into new spiritual dimensions.

Further information on such interesting subjects is only available through the Sirian Mystery School, a division of the College of Esoteric Education.

Sirian Mystery School 2

What is the Sirian Command?—Part Two

Many of you have been wondering, “What exactly is the Sirian Command?” The following is part two of an inspired explanation. Please see my previous post for the initial part of the explanation!


Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.36.29 amThere comes a time in the function of an Inner Self, an important aspect of the immortal spirit, where it is impacted on, and is able to respond to the planetary withdrawal force. Such a Self begins to integrate the various facets of itself with new intensity. That Inner Self then, begins to enter a stage of FUSION.  The people projected from an Energy Parent of such an Inner Self step forward as our leaders and great teachers. They exhibit enormous drive and purpose, going on to uplift the entire human race with the energies that are a product of that inner state of fusion in the Inner Self. Let us look at the patterning then, between such a person, shining like a star among us, and Sirius A and the light it emanates.

Few spirits have reached the higher stage of COMPACTION exhibited in pattern with Sirius B and of the examples that there are, Christ and Buddha are the more well-known. There are, however, also many other Masters in the hierarchy of this planet whose function lies behind the veils of obscurity; they work largely unseen and mostly unrecognized.

From afar, they oversee humanity; in turn, they are overseen by those Great Ones who ensoul planets and stars, the Planetary Logos, the Logos of our Sun, and in turn, the Logos of Sirius.  Mankind is never left alone; no man is an island unto himself, and never can be; it is only the veils of illusion that cloud our vision of the deeper truths.

We are the result of a universal command that has channelled through the stars above to manifest, in turn, on planet Earth. We are permeated by the subtle energies of the Great Unknowable Source. Let us be reminded once again by the scriptural verse, “In Him we live and move and have our being.”

This is why we reach for that distant star—the closeness is not there physically—but it is there in energy; we cannot be separated from it, because we are a part of it. That which is released from a source and projected out into its own sphere is eternally linked with that source; it is part of the person and the person, in turn, is part of it and must, in time, come to recognize that truth. We know it as the Sirian Source.

The Return Path taught by the Sirian Mystery School through the College brings the meditator to the point of consciously being able to merge with the Energy Parent of that Inner Self, and in turn, opens the way for the continuing development of latent abilities and communication with certain aspects of the Logos of this planet.

This is a path with profound implications. Many have already walked it, opening the way for those who now feel ready to commence the journey. The ability to commune with their Source was a natural function of primitive peoples and it was only as intellect developed and a more outward focus was established that the ability to commune was lost. The separateness between humanity and its Source has reached a pinnacle and many are now seeking that Return Path back to the Source.

The way back as taught through the Sirian Mystery School is a direct one. It is the re-teaching of the ability for that lost communion in a deep but simple format that offers a profound depth and richness as inner and outer parts are reunited. Once the ability is regained through the various steps of meditation, life begins to take on new meaning, awareness and fulfillment. This is what the Return Path is essentially about.

As we look back through time from the position we have achieved intellectually, it would seem as if the practices and beliefs of early man are rather childlike.  But these practices and later beliefs derived from actual experiences with the creative energies or they would not have been recorded so patiently. In our more modern times, we have sacrificed the ability to communicate directly with the Source as the development of the intellect took precedence, hence the spiritual imbalance of modern times.

The influence of the Return Path was embodied in the creation of mankind and we see this expressed outwardly in the great religions on the planet. All teach a way to search for God, to try to become one with God, and so foretell the ultimate requirement in this Logos for withdrawal of all back into the oneness of itself.

The purpose of the Sirian overseeing has been to trigger this Logos in its path of projection and ultimate return. Throughout the period of humanity’s existence, this overseeing has come in the way of diverse teachings, all pointing to a climax of achievement yet to be attained in human life.

The Sirian Mystery School is one facet of the broader spectrum of Sirian energies operating on planet Earth.  The work is channelled through by Sirius acting in conjunction and co-operation with this Logos and is the culmination of a long unfolding of Sirian activity.  It contains a sevenfold application and each aspect bears the indelible imprint of its Sirian Source.

For further information:

The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics


Brisbane, Australia – J. K. Rowling fueled the fire for topics of witchcraft and wizardry in her fictional series Harry Potter.

Now looking to weed out what is fact and what is fiction, Lynette Asmar, author of The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics, uses her own fictional characters to teach the reader about real magic and metaphysics. Spending her early years as a student of mysticism and metaphysics, then later starting the College of Esoteric Education, Asmar uses her +35 years as a master of the profound meditative path in her debut book.

As a fictional tale of good versus evil, The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics is filled with magic and metaphysical facts that aim to assist the readers achieve their true potential and start spiritual healing.

“Meditation allows the person to experience the soul-merge”, says Asmar. “This helps to awaken dormant faculties and assist one in taking their next evolutionary steps.”

The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics will help the reader uncover some of the world’s most hidden secrets, so they too can embrace all life has to offer.


The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics
By Lynette Asmar
240 pages
Retail Price: $24.99(Au) $17.99(US)
ISBN: 978-1-4525-0362-2(sc)


Available at , ,

and .


About the Author

Lynette Asmar currently lives in Brisbane, Australia near her son and his family. She started the College of Esoteric Education 20 years ago and has taught a variety of metaphysical topics over the past 38 years.

The Days of Magic – By E. D. Miller – Published 2012

Days of Magic – By E. D. Miller – Published 2012

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.41.27 amSome fantasy novels are so far fetched and unbelievable that they are never fully read through, while others affirm a reality that may have existed in times past, reminding us why we like to read good fantasy. This books falls in the second category.

It is a book about magic.

How it was discovered. How it was learned. How it was controlled. How it was taught. How it was abused. Moherron as a child, lives with his siblings and parents on Dragonroot farm in the ancient kingdom of Er. On a trip into the nearby town of Hoksknfol, Moherron hears a tale from the local story teller, Bartelby Grumpf, about the brothers black who first found magic in the land.

After the death of his older brother, and overcome with grief, wishing to save his family from further suffering, he remembers the words of the story teller and begins to chant them. This causes an awful storm and ultimately builds to a tremendous tornado that destroys his home and family. Absolutely bereft and near total exhaustion, after wandering in a daze for days, he is found by a kindly man by the name of Titus who takes him home to meet his family. After spending some time with this poor but loving family, he eventually goes to live with the local blacksmith, Alfran and his son, Krowstef. He spends time there until he has grown to be a young man. During this time he makes friends with a beautiful young woman, Rivanna who has formed a stronger friendship Krowstef.

Moherron begins to feel a void inside and knows he must go back to try to find out if the magic he used as a child really works. He must know if he is right about it or wrong. After many hair raising adventures through towns and forests, meeting many different unsavoury characters along the way and nearly losing his life, he stumbles into a cave where he discovers that the story about the brothers black was in fact true. They had worked spells of the highest order according to the information he discovered in an adjoining cave. After much frustration, this is where he discovers the secrets of magic. He spends considerable time in the cave developing spells, in fact, perfecting the art of magic. Except for a chance discovery of his cave by a passer by, he may well have remained in that cave and never returned home.

Nevertheless he does leave and after returning home and discovering that his hometown has been under attack, he decides to start a school to teach others the art of magic so that the land can be protected by magical means. Initially, the school thrives and Moherron is amazed at the talent of the young students who come to learn. However, he is careful not to divulge the deeper secrets of magic to the students, as in the wrong hands, complete devastation could be the result. All goes well until some students steal some of the magical secrets. Exactly what is stolen is unknown and while some of the villains are caught, the leader is not. This is extremely worrying to Moherron, especially after discovering the death of a student, and realizing that the land could well be in jeopardy if the guilty party is not apprehended. But the search for the culprit, Atreus, goes on for years without success and his evil deeds rock the land causing death and devastation. And so it becomes a fight between the forces of good and the forces of evil as Atreus evades capture and grows strong in black magic, attacking and destroying various towns, ultimately attacking with a huge army, the very school that originally taught him.

Is Moherron able to outwit the master of black magic and save the school and the land from the scourge of evil? Miller lets us slip into the skin of Moherron and feel his frustration as he tries in vain to understand the workings of the spells, and his tenacity as he grapples with the power and finally brings it under control. Then there is the world he creates with its untamed landscapes and fabled creatures all adding to the overall idea he is creating.

The test of a fantasy writer is whether he can satisfy the emotional cravings and imagination of his readers. “The Days of Magic” echoes the themes of classics like Raymond E Feist’s “Magician” and Lynn Kurland’s “Princess of the Sword”. And while some might say that the book has its contrived circumstances, it does bring a fresh and interesting approach to magic. Although Miller isn’t breaking any new ground, “The Days of Magic” is a welcome edition to the fantasy genre and is sure to stimulate interest in the young adult reader. One can only assume that his future work will continue to enchant his readers.

A Book Review of The Days of Magic – By E. D. Miller – Published 2012. Reviewed by Lyn Asmar the principal of the college of Esoteric Education in Brisbane Australia.

Messages by Denny Daikeler

A heartwarming account of one woman’s awakening to a different level of consciousness.

If you’ve never dipped into the allure of synchronicity, it is almost impossible to describe the mesmerizing moments that begin to appear in life with their secret coded messages. Signs and wonders accompany our journey through the earth plane phase of our existence if we have the wherewithal to recognize them.

“Messages” by Denny Daikeler informs the reader about this secret side of life with an account of her own unique experiences. She starts her story by giving a detailed description of her interaction with a Great Horned Owl and goes on to explain in some detail how the connection with these delightful messengers developed. A higher power uses the owl experiences to initiate her into a different level of consciousness.

Readers will be inspired by this woman’s courage if they have never had a personal experience of interacting with birds or animals; their response to a human can be quite astounding. This account details Denny’s struggle to break through her own boundaries and, as a result, her claircognizance begins to bloom as she puts her trust in that higher power.

As she learns to ask for what she wants, she begins to awaken more, as different facets of awareness come into play. She shares her experiences in a straightforward manner, easily understood by anyone who wants to experiment along a similar vein. In describing how to assemble a collage of the things most people love in life, Denny immediately brings attention to the grounding of awareness and to the focus of desires in a more physical way. Naturally this also helps in being able to manifest those desires on the physical plane. She then couples this with the idea of non-attachment so as not to allow the retention of outworn beliefs.

Natural healing to some people belongs in the paranormal category, but Denny details an example that anyone could try successfully. That being said, her journey at times, has not been easy as old states of consciousness and belief systems have crumbled, leaving her vulnerable and ofttimes bereft. However, she is a fighter, and has a belief in a higher power she inherently knew would support her during her trials. Of course, her beliefs were constantly challenged as different situations arose to confront her newfound beliefs. However, this only made her trust stronger, and her resolve to achieve the almost impossible, paramount. She tells her story with humour as her awareness continues to open through various different experiences, oscillating from human to bird and animal and back to human.

There are many keys in life just waiting to be discovered, and Denny has found hers for this lifetime. Those who resonate with her experiences will gain much by looking in the garden of their own mind. There they will find the flowers of love, compassion, hope, knowledge and ultimately wisdom. Of course, she also subtly reminds each one to pull out the weeds of fear and doubt, lest they strangle out the young seedlings of awareness just waiting to be discovered.

MESSAGES  By DENNY DAIKELER  – A Book Review by Lyn Asmar Principal of the College of Esoteric Education, Brisbane, Australia

The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics

Ancient Secrets Revealed in this Unusual BookA wonderful metaphysical Tour de Force, a magical adventure, a journey to enlightenment, and a rollicking good read! This book has it all, a handsome hero, a lot of pretty girls, an absent-minded professor, and even a couple of dastardly villains! This book is imaginative and well written; it is set in England and an important message for each of us threads its way through this magical book. The pace is fast, the magic is outstanding and the plot is thrilling. This is an important and groundbreaking book that in the best tradition of metaphysical writings contains an important message that weaves and traces its way through this exciting story. On the surface the book reads like a fast paced action thriller with well fleshed out plots, characters you can warm to and enough suspense to make you want to race towards the final chapter.

But, hidden between the lines and underpinning the foundations of this thriller is the Sirian message—an important message offering guidance, hope and direction. If you’ve ever felt Mankind may be teetering on the brink of a self made catastrophe, and if you’ve ever wondered why some people receive messages and others don’t—this book answers those questions—simultaneously, and in a multi-dimensional way so that everyone who reads this book can understand it on a variety of levels.

Its message brings us all into a new age—a better one that was envisaged for us many thousands of years ago by Beings many millions of light years away, they’re here, this author has channelled their message, and the result is this amazing book. I loved it! The author, Lyn Asmar ought to be on the New York Times best seller list. Even the cover of this book is mysterious and intriguing, and I loved it so much, l am on my second reading of it. This book is too good to put down—everl”

Hans von Strepple – 3rd September 2012

BOOK REVIEW of The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics for Lyn Asmar Principal of College of Esoteric Education, Brisbane, Australia by Hans von Strepple

Learn the Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics


Learn the Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics from Lynette Asmar’s unique novel based on metaphysical fact as experienced by the author. 

In spite of Stanley’s frantic efforts to rescue fellow magician’s apprentice John Korner, he remains imprisoned in the fourth dimension by an evil, demented sorcerer who is under the control of demonic forces. Amouki, an earth zone intelligence, assists Stanley as he travels through dark and dangerous realms on his perilous journey. Even so, this journey is taken at tremendous personal cost as he is forced to take spiritual initiation before his time so he can activate his newly awakened abilities at the crucial moment of confrontation with the dark forces.

Will all the hardships connected with reaching a new level of consciousness be worth the tremendous effort required to learn the secrets of magic and metaphysics?

This novel was written in this manner to provide the reader with a more interesting and detailed explanation of the fight between those who walk the Path of Light and the Dark Forces. Much information, previously unpublished, has been included for the benefit of those who wish to know the truth about the well hidden secrets of magic and metaphysics as channelled by the Sirian Command and the Great White Lodge on our planet. It is a tale about a young man who gets sucked through a portal and finds himself imprisoned by a dark lord in the lowlands of the fourth dimension. Is it too late for his fellow apprentice, who must go through various initiations first, to rescue him from the demonic forces who hold him prisoner?

Exercises and further explanations appear in Lyn’s monthly digital magazine, “Esoteric Meditation,” available from the NewsStand on the App Store. This is a magazine for those searching for the deepest secrets of metaphysics.

A Scientific Method of Healing

All things are integrated because all issue from the same source to begin with, and the fact that a deep energy transfer can occur between two people is no more miraculous than the fact that two people can shake hands or converse, although this method of healing now is considered scientific. The difference is one of complexity and subtlety. Returning to the event of this cycle end and a new cycle beginning, it will be appreciated that it is not people as such who make the transition from this cycle into the next, because that transition might be many centuries long. It is the group souls and the foci of their stepping down realms that travel that cycle change. It is these that must be oriented towards the cycling in of new requirements and new experiences. The preparation for cyclic change lies there. Part of this preparation involves a resolution of the difficulties that have belonged to this ending cycle. In other words, these energies that project humanity cannot go forward into a newness fettered by the effects of past difficulties. Some degree of alteration is required. The understanding of Para-Energy Therapy’s function in this context is that it has a two-fold purpose. One is treatment of the specific ailments that people wish corrected. The second is this: because the ailment is being treated in subtlety, the causative level of energy, that level, too, benefits. It is freed from encumbrances that in some cases are the product of many centuries’ projection in the physical.