Are We Immortal?

iStock_000003190754XSmall - Version 2“Are we immortal?” This question has been asked since time began, and although there exists some type of answer for every question ever asked, for this particular question, there does not seem to be a definitive answer that is suitable for everyone.

Do you want to know what happens after death? Most people do; but the question and its possible answers continue to challenge most people’s thoughts, and bring the reality of a limited earthplane existence into sharp reality.

Inherently we all know that there is something that exists beyond the concept physical life, and such questions as “Where did I come from? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do while I am here? and Where am I going when I finish my earthly existence?” are questions that a lot of people will not consider. They are too busy trying to “live life.”

But others ponder these questions deeply and perhaps have come to the conclusion that matter, including the physical body, is energy in its densest form. Science has told us that energy cannot be destroyed, and the law of the conservation of matter and energy has long been an accepted premise. Energy may, of course, change its form and function, but it is not consumed. Matter, regardless of how it may be changed through modification of pressure, fire or some other force, still exists in a gaseous state or some other form.

If we take the maxim of Hermes Trismegistus, “As above, so below,” we would have to assume that this permanency that is an attribute of matter and energy, must exist also in a non-physical world. Which automatically leads to the question, are we immortal?

Immortality then, is the concept of the continuance of the manifestation of a force, of which we, as humans, are consciously aware. This force pulsates through us giving us life in a physical existence. We also know that we are a projection of this life energy, that gradually steps itself down through the principle of sub-harmonics and enters a foetus in the mother’s womb. We call this life energy soul. It puts a drop of itself into the tiny baby, but remains in its own realm directing us subconsciously.

Whether we are in the body or out of one in between lives on the earth plane matters little, because we are not the body; we are not the emotional body, we are not the mental body—we use these bodies to give ourselves expression as a physical being whilst on the earth plane.

Immortality is not something ahead—it is now. We are eternal beings composed of life energy. However, if you wish to be reborn into a higher frequency body, you must first learn to die. Die to the personality traits that bind you to the earth plane, die to your anger and frustration. Transmute your negativity into the opposite pole. A high frequency soul cannot enter a low frequency body. The more perfect you make your physical vessel, the greater the power the spirit and soul can exercise through it. This is the only way to experience metamorphosis. So that when you pass through the portal of death, you will do so consciously realizing that you have just taken off your earthly clothes, to reveal your beautiful immortal self. So need you even ask, are we immortal?