Hands on Healing

In ancient times, the custom of hands on healing was widespread. This ancient healing practice is referred to frequently in Christian literature; it is recorded that even the Master Jesus often laid his hands on people before healing them. So healers, whether they come from an ancient era or more modern times, use the same technique of connecting to their source, in whatever manner they may refer to this divine essence. Jesus referred to it as Father. People living in more modern times refer to it as the Higher Self, the Master Within, or other names.

Science has found that it actually predates the Christian era as it is found depicted in illustrations, paintings and carvings on the walls of the ruins of ancient Egypt. If you look at the Egyptian pictures, you will always find the person with two hands over the head or body part of another. To the Egyptian high priests, the divine essence of the gods was thought to be imparted through the hands to those who knelt before them. You will often see the ritual of the laying on of hands also used in conferring kingship. Utilization of the vital energies of the body through this ancient procedure has been perpetuated since Egyptian times, and probably even before that. Many remarkable cures have been reported by individuals who have shown a particular disposition in this regard.

We all know that touching ‘where it hurts’ helps to heal the pain and we see this quite often when a child hurts its knee and runs to its mother for comfort. The mother touches and kisses the knee better and a minute later the child is happily running around as if there were nothing wrong.

In adults, the healers hands must come into contact with the body of the sick person, the sick animal or the sick plant. The sick area of the body, always feels tense, rigid, taut, stiff, tight and resistant to the healers touch. Those on whom you are using laying on of hand healing should keep their eyes closed till they no longer feel pain and discomfort, in that part of their bodies. This gives the energies the chance to dispel the blockage or congested energy in the aura or other part of the body.

As previously mentioned, a similar effect can also be achieved on animals and plant life. Some university scientists have conducted a series of experiments that indicated a significant increase in the growth rate of certain seeds when healers held their hands over the seedlings for a period of several minutes. Further experiments have reportedly compared the growth rate of untreated seeds with those treated and held by three persons suffering from a variety of mental disorders or psychological problems, and with seeds treated and held by a normal healthy individual. After much experimentation, subsequent statistical analysis showed that the seeds that were treated and held by a normal person produced significantly more and taller seedlings than were produced in the other groups.

Because of scientific skepticism it has yet to be established in scientific establishments whether the increased growth rate was the result of magnetic energy flowing through the hands or whether it was the result of a parapsychological faculty, or telekinetic effect, on plant growth. It probably will be determined that the latest laboratory techniques of the twentieth century have only confirmed what was commonly understood and applied in past ages.

None-the-less, healers know that the energy flows through them from a higher source; it does not come from the healer’s body—it come s through the healer. This is why healing does not deplete a person applying hands on healing.