Hands on Healing

In ancient times, the custom of hands on healing was widespread. This ancient healing practice is referred to frequently in Christian literature; it is recorded that even the Master Jesus often laid his hands on people before healing them. So healers, whether they come from an ancient era or more modern times, use the same technique of connecting to their source, in whatever manner they may refer to this divine essence. Jesus referred to it as Father. People living in more modern times refer to it as the Higher Self, the Master Within, or other names.

Science has found that it actually predates the Christian era as it is found depicted in illustrations, paintings and carvings on the walls of the ruins of ancient Egypt. If you look at the Egyptian pictures, you will always find the person with two hands over the head or body part of another. To the Egyptian high priests, the divine essence of the gods was thought to be imparted through the hands to those who knelt before them. You will often see the ritual of the laying on of hands also used in conferring kingship. Utilization of the vital energies of the body through this ancient procedure has been perpetuated since Egyptian times, and probably even before that. Many remarkable cures have been reported by individuals who have shown a particular disposition in this regard.

We all know that touching ‘where it hurts’ helps to heal the pain and we see this quite often when a child hurts its knee and runs to its mother for comfort. The mother touches and kisses the knee better and a minute later the child is happily running around as if there were nothing wrong.

In adults, the healers hands must come into contact with the body of the sick person, the sick animal or the sick plant. The sick area of the body, always feels tense, rigid, taut, stiff, tight and resistant to the healers touch. Those on whom you are using laying on of hand healing should keep their eyes closed till they no longer feel pain and discomfort, in that part of their bodies. This gives the energies the chance to dispel the blockage or congested energy in the aura or other part of the body.

As previously mentioned, a similar effect can also be achieved on animals and plant life. Some university scientists have conducted a series of experiments that indicated a significant increase in the growth rate of certain seeds when healers held their hands over the seedlings for a period of several minutes. Further experiments have reportedly compared the growth rate of untreated seeds with those treated and held by three persons suffering from a variety of mental disorders or psychological problems, and with seeds treated and held by a normal healthy individual. After much experimentation, subsequent statistical analysis showed that the seeds that were treated and held by a normal person produced significantly more and taller seedlings than were produced in the other groups.

Because of scientific skepticism it has yet to be established in scientific establishments whether the increased growth rate was the result of magnetic energy flowing through the hands or whether it was the result of a parapsychological faculty, or telekinetic effect, on plant growth. It probably will be determined that the latest laboratory techniques of the twentieth century have only confirmed what was commonly understood and applied in past ages.

None-the-less, healers know that the energy flows through them from a higher source; it does not come from the healer’s body—it come s through the healer. This is why healing does not deplete a person applying hands on healing.

How to use the Creative Healing Power

The term ‘unconventional’ is grossly inadequate for describing this kind of healing activity. Something that has been around for thousands of years can hardly be called ‘unconventional’. The aura of mystery that surrounds this kind of healing is due to a lack of a common frame of reference where what is happening can (1) begin to be understood by the person through whom it is happening and (2) then able to be communicated to others. This kind of healing is as diverse in its application as are the physically oriented therapies. It is now more widely accepted that energy underlies everything. Once it was understood that the cause of people’s problems resided in an energy circumstance, caused by them, and remaining within them, it followed that what had to be looked for was a healing technique of an energy nature that could enter and deal with that circumstance, unblock the impediment and ‘instruct’ it and assist it to return to a more normal state of balance.


Vibronic Healing

Vibronic Healing

217857862Vibronic healing was born out of a need to reach into the human structure more deeply as the energies of transformation began impacting upon humanity at the current age end in preparation for the new era of Light and Harmony. This naturally caused many disturbances throughout the auric structure and subtle bodies of those interested in moving into the new frequencies, as old conditions were impacted upon.

The origins of Vibronic Healing are linked to ancient spiritual practices that utilize spiritual healing as a modality and this unique healing process grounds all emotional, mental and spiritual healing so it can be implemented into a person’s everyday life as a practical application towards behavioural change.

Through a radically different technique, we are able to access the information the body, mind, soul and spirit wish to convey. The process is able to measure the flow of the vital life force in and around the human system.

This process alone is tremendously healing. Some of the main health problems are related to a separation from the Higher Self. This separation causes blockages in the energy flow and sets up negative imprints and patterns that show themselves through behaviour towards, and interaction with others. Other false negative programming can be cleared quickly and effectively using the Vibronic techniques.

If we are not able to heal ourselves at the emotional or mental level, eventually disease or illness will prevail in the physical body. This format works very intuitively and relates to various categories: (a) nutritional/chemical imbalances (b) the electro-magnetic fluids in the body (c) structural imbalances (d) the etheric body (e) the emotional body (f) the mental body (g) the spiritual body (h) astral intrusion (i) genetic/ancestral control. (j) dark forces or other invasive entities, such as larvae or elementaries (k) cellular memories (l) karmic debt imprints (m) psychic filtration etc. Once these imbalances are cleared vibronically, both personal and spiritual growth can begin to occur as the higher frequencies clear the negative influences.

These abilities are developed under deep meditative discipline coupled with training in the function of energy as it applies to human life. The keynote of this therapy is “Energy Resonance.” It is the work of the therapist to effect this resonance amongst all the energy factors involved in the healing circumstance. These include the therapist, the patient and the overall energy matrix to which both belong. Personal beliefs neither affect the process of therapy nor are affected by it. In its foundational energy, the life of one is as spiritual as the other. Any person of any belief can be treated.

This kind of healing activity has been as much a part of this ending cycle as the physical therapies have been. And just as the physical therapies have come into their present maturity, so we find a similar circumstance in the spiritually based therapies. Certainly, they are not united amongst themselves to any degree comparable with other therapies; the common framework of energy activity that could bring them more closely together is not recognized.

But then, the evolvement of human consciousness, generally speaking, is not yet at the stage where that kind of perception is possible. Nevertheless, the emergence of any kind of energy therapy, coupled with the energy teaching that explains its healing activity, represents one way in which more subtle therapies are coming into fruition. It is not assumed that Energy Therapy is the only way in which this climaxing is happening. There are many similar developments throughout this planet where the allied understanding is not the same.

One of the important premises of this therapy is that sickness and disease are inevitable. They are the results of forces projected by this Planetary Logos and it is assumed that the proliferation of such would continue until, at the end of its cycle of projection, the Logos will withdraw all its proliferations back into itself. Always remember that throughout that interplay runs the theme of duality.

In this view, viruses and bacteria are the products of group souls, which in terms of their own function, are fulfilling command requirements to no lesser degree than the group souls projecting humanity. And it so happens that in the required interplay between one group soul and another, via their projected results, there are consequences that are both pleasant and unpleasant. Human involvement in these consequences is both as victim and perpetrator. The discomforts of a viral infection, for example, may well be weighed against the steaks that grace dinner plates and the supportive role that many life styles give to the killing of other creatures. In the face of this interplay, there is no criterion by which humanity can be guaranteed any exemption from its suffering.

This teaching and therapy promulgate no dietary disciplines. It is held that people differ considerably and no formula can be devised that would suit equally all needs. The answer to individual difficulties lies in the particular configuration of energies that is each person. The purpose of therapy lies there. Rarely does it lie in physical things alone. In some cases, diet might assist in mitigating effects, but of itself it cannot alter deeper causes.

However, there is an old maxim that states, “A healthy mind produces a healthy body.” And even our Scriptures state that it is not what is put into the body that defiles it but what comes out of the mouth. The involvement of group souls in the drama of sickness and healing also lies in ways other than the interplay between one group soul and another. The group soul is responsible for the forcing through of energy into matter in the form of a particular species. As such, it is responsible not only for the projection of the species’ genetic code, but also for the way in which the code is carried forward and the alterations that occur to it. Within the one group soul, there are circumstances arising out of these functions that also contribute to human difficulties. Group soul energies that are presently involved in our existence have also been projected many times previously into incarnate existence.

Consequently, they bear the mark of all their past experiencing. Written into these energies are the tales of past worries on the part of humanity – war, distress, disease, trauma. These unhappy aspects of our history give rise to cumulative effects in the group soul. They exist there as shadows or discolourations and they impede or distort the projecting activity that still must go on from that group soul.

As a result, we find certain weaknesses or vulnerabilities ‘bred’ into a family, a race or nation. They are features ‘written into’ the genetics of a people and they are caused there because that which projects the genetic code in the first place is obstructed by the unresolved fruits of its own experience. Many ailments and difficulties experienced by people originate in these historically accrued effects and imprints within energies of the group soul.

Through these circumstances, the various levels of the group soul go through their required learning. These foci are not infallible. They have had to mature in their own right, and the evolvement of humanity from primitivity to its present state is a product of that maturing. The responsibility of these foci is the overcoming of the difficulties peculiar to a projecting source. This is not a learning in the way that we humanly understand it. It is not a matter of experimenting, or reading books and finding knowledge in that manner. The knowledge is of a different kind.

Vibronic healing is a spiritual modality overseen by the Celestial Soul and is suitable for those who are considering undertaking metaphysical training.

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Physical Interaction of the Four Elements

You will learn about the physical interaction of the Four Elements in Lesson One, Module One of the Home Study Course. The lesson gives you an outline of the physical aspects of the body and its relationship to the four temperaments and their analogies with the four elements and how they relate to the four faculties of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. You will learn how the elements influence the body in a positive and negative way. As an example, the fiery element in its negative aspect can promote jealousy, irritability, anger and so on, but in its positive aspect, give you courage, enthusiasm and plenty of energy. Further information can be obtained by writing for a prospectus.


Energy Therapy



canstockphoto8471803Energy Therapy is a form of hands on healing that uses energy analysis as a means of determining the subtle causes of imbalances in the four-fold body structure. That means the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your being. The less obvious causes of illness have their origins beyond the ability of our present day technology to register as these causes reside deep within the energies that comprise each person but emerge in the four major expressions of human activity.

This therapy is applicable at the physical level, which can be impacted upon by external circumstances such as an accident, or some emotional problem that has actually caused a physical problem. This could be the result of stress and the eventual physical appearance of an ulcer or some other malady, or there may be dietary imbalances that eventually cause some physical problem.

On the emotional level, if problems are not dealt with openly, and the energy is withheld inside, pushed down because it is too painful to deal with, it begins to block off the necessary energy and physical nutrients necessary for glandular and organic health. Only a clearance of the blockage can result in a restoration to physical health and emotional well being.

The application of Energy Therapy can also assist in removing the causes of negative thinking and thought processes that are no longer a benefit in the current time frame.

On the spiritual level, Energy Therapy can assist in the removal of astral attachments, discarnates, dark forces and other energies that have a bearing on the spirit level. These attachments can cause unpleasant feelings in the physical, emotional and mental levels of being.

Energy Therapy is not new but will perhaps sound new to many who are more familiar with different terms. Using Energy Therapy, we are able to access the information the body, mind and soul wish to convey. This is because all of our health problems are related to a separation from our Higher Soul Self, or our Celestial Soul. This separation is one of the main causes of blockages in the energy flow and sets up negative imprints and patterns that show themselves through our behaviour and interaction with others.

Impediment in a channel means blockage in the normal energy flow available to the person and, depending on the severity of the blockage, it can give rise to local or widespread conditions. So, the cause of the majority of ailments that beset people lies in an energy circumstance of which the physical/emotional/mental condition is but a result. If we are not able to heal ourselves at the emotional and mental level, eventually disease will prevail in the body. Energy Therapy works very intuitively and assists in bringing the four-fold body system back into balance.

It could be said that the diverse applications of Energy Therapy are the coloured threads in the overall tapestry of the healing function of the planet. Energy Therapy is one such thread used in a specific manner to assist in the restoration of health and is often used with other threads, such as Reiki, SKHM, Medi-Map or Spiritual Surgery to assist in the renewal of the well-being of the person.

Energy Therapy corrects the imbalances by raising the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body, allowing the vital life force to flow in a healthy and natural way. The therapist channels the vital life force into those areas that need correction, ultimately resonating the energy realms connected with the person into a state of balance and harmony through the subtle levels of the person’s structure back to their Source. In the application of Energy Therapy, there is an energy transfer occurring through the therapist to the person being treated. The energies of this transfer are of varying intensity and subtlety. Some are related directly to the physical; the majority are directed to the more subtle realms of the mental/emotional body, and auric structure in connection with the Higher Soul Self.

On completion of therapy, most people become interested in continuing on a spiritual journey. Some are interested in the more direct application of therapies that they can continue to use themselves, such as Reiki, SKHM, Medi-Map or Spiritual Surgery, while others choose to follow the disciplines of meditation.

Energy Therapy can help in clearing most imbalances including:
Disconnection from your Higher Self
General physical problems
Negative and addictive patterns
Nervousness and anxiety problems
Relationship problems
Cellular memory release
Chakra imbalances
The clearance of forces

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