Your Spiritual Self

To be able to connect with your spiritual self requires a quiet mind and the ability to be able to maintain the stillness long enough for the spiritual essence to filter through from the deeper levels and impact upon the conscious mind in the form of spiritual guidance. Learning to connect with the divine part of yourself, commonly called the Higher Self, the Energy Parent or the Christ Consciousness within, and learning to live this as an expression of life is one of the most important tasks for this time on our planet.

We are going through vast changes as we move out of one great age and begin to embrace the energies of another. There is a Great Unknowable Source from which all things have proceeded, be they human, animal, vegetable or mineral, be they in this Solar System or another and the most common term that we know for this Source is God, Mother/Father God, the Creator, the Infinite One, the Infinite Knower, Universal Mind or Universal Energy. The ancient cultures were aware of the masculine and feminine qualities that existed in the Godhead but divided them into archetypal forms and personalized them such as the Egyptian and Roman deities and the Greek and Indian gods and goddesses.

In all the Scriptures of the world, this Source has been personalized for ease of understanding. And because the side of it that we are aware of most of all, is active, powerful, knowledgeable and present everywhere, we have come to know it as our heavenly Father. You have become individual because the Creator has individualized Himself/Herself in you; thus you reveal the life of the Creator in the bodily state, although this is usually submerged by the current personality, unless you have activated your chakra system and become aware of your own inherent spiritual energies. But your mortal sense will blind you to this truth if you look without instead of looking within. Everything you need is within you.

You are all sons and daughters of the Most High, your spiritual self is asleep within you, and as you enter into communication with your Energy Parent, this is the attitude you should take in with you: a son or a daughter approaching your Energy Parent, the heavenly Father/Mother within you. Approach the deeper, subtle, parts of yourself in a loving manner. All you have to do then, is wait, resting in the energies your have invoked in Communion. Your spiritual self will then awaken, and all you have to do is torest in the energies and be aware of any information you may receive.Your Spiritual Self


Cycling Related to Function

These two universal fundamentals, cycling and function, are totally integrated one with the other. Much richness of understanding follows from a deeper appreciation of these aspects of the universe controlling, as they do, each person’s existence in this incarnate form.

Every part of this whole universe cycles; not only does the whole universe cycle, not only does the planet cycle, but every tiny particle cycles. Look for the patterns; always patterning. Obviously mankind, or shall we say one man in his passage through the incarnate years also undergoes that breathing process, that cycling. Birth is the beginning of that overall cycling which, of course, ends with withdrawal or what you refer to as death. Incorporated in that overall cycling are many sub-cycles.

For optimum health, and to conform to universality, each one of the bodies of humankind must cycle. It is so designed that during daylight, waking hours the physical body cycles. Many people are not particularly at their best upon wakening; as the hours pass they feel better and better reaching a peak somewhere about the midday point, and beginning to decline in the late afternoon. This is the physical cycle, and as each of you are aware, very often the withdrawal of the physical occurs when the physical body is not at its peak.

In the late afternoon, as the physical body declines, the etheric body begins to cycle, prior to the decline of the physical, and it reaches its peak late in the evening. The etheric body declines and reaches nadir during the early hours of the morning, during which period the emotional/mental body has cycled, and it reaches its peak in the early hours of the morning, perhaps four or five o’clock. These are sub-cycles and are incorporated in a periodic cycle that occupies many days. During the period of approximately a month a person will experience a peak period, which of course, depends upon several factors. He will also experience down turns occurring at approximately monthly intervals.

Again, this cycling is incorporated in spaces of years; it is popularly supposed that man changes every seven years, this is not so. Within each entity there is a fluctuation by which is meant a rise to a peak and a withdrawal, and another rise to a peak and a withdrawal, but the time period varies greatly from person to person. The age of each of those cycles is between five and ten years.

Consider the fact that the cycling rule or law, is imperative; it applies to every particle of this universe. It is inevitable; it has to happen. Consider, then, on this meditative return path, that there must also be a cycling, there must be an overall cycling and there must be cycles within cycles. This does not mean that you will be able to meditate successfully at one period, and unable at another. Rather, there will be great progress at one period and lesser progress at others.

Meditative paths often seem difficult but this is because of the cycling inherent in incarnate living, relative to your function whilst on the Earth Plane. Some experience what humanly would be called troubles. They are of course, not; they are purely inherent principles of that cycling that contain opportunities to cleanse, clear and heal on all levels of being before being able to move into new spiritual dimensions.

Further information on such interesting subjects is only available through the Sirian Mystery School, a division of the College of Esoteric Education.

Your Own Magazine?

August Magazine

This information I am about to share with you is designed to provide you with an avenue of sharing your knowledge with others; a fantastic and very easy way to do so. When people begin searching for, and wanting information these days, the easiest way to get it, is in some form of digital format that is quick and easy to access.

When people genuinely search for such information, a doorway always opens and a pathway is shown. In these times of turbulence and stress, more and more people a seeking a deeper and more definitive answer to life’s meaning. So if you have the knowledge and the know how in your particular field and want to share that information with others, and assist them on their journey, but don’t quite know how to do it—we may just have the answer you are looking for.

As a student of Ed Dale, I had the opportunity to publish my own magazine through Magcast. So I have put together a great resource for those interested in the deeper forms of meditation, and called the magazine Esoteric Meditation.  It is available on the app Store globally, and I am so excited about my magazine, and now have the opportunity to help others create their own.

If you would like further information, please email us for details.



Esoteric Meditation Magazine

CovereM14JulA lot of people find pleasure in hoarding wealth. Some misguided individuals derived a fiendish delight in suppressing knowledge, seizing old manuscripts and scrolls to keep the secrets from the masses. Some of this information has been found, and partially released in the past, but now FOR THE FIRST TIME, at last we are able to release most of this vital information that has been kept hidden, gradually forgotten, and lost until recently channeled through to bring the ancient wisdom back to assist humankind in taking its next evolutionary step.

You too can now access these guarded secrets that are only available on the NewsStand on Apple’s iPad.

ESOTERIC MEDITATION is a monthly digital magazine that gives insights into the vicissitudes of life from a profound metaphysical viewpoint. If you are searching for the deeper meaning of life, or more advanced esoteric topics not generally given to the public, such as ancient wisdom that was taught in the Mystery Schools of old, you will find it here. Each issue contains information, which can be used every day to bring balance and harmony into your life, and give you a peaceful and more joyous appreciation of what life is really all about.

February "Esoteric Meditation" Mag. Now Available

eM Issue 6I have some great articles coming out in the following issues of Esoteric Meditation (available on the NewsStand on the iPad). In these issues I will be developing the articles further and getting to the guts of what metaphysics is all about. I will be writing on subjects that on one else wants to publish—or don’t even know anything about! Don’t miss these enlightening issues coming out once a month.

For those who are unsure of what initiation is, basically it relates to the integration of your personality with what we are currently calling the Energy Parent (Higher Soul Self) and the subsequent elevation of your consciousness. The techniques employed by the College of Esoteric Education comprise many methods by means of which such an integration and elevation of consciousness may be facilitated, but the most common one is via an attunement process using the Sirian method of meditation.

This technique is composed of many symbols pondered in meditation, until the symbol activates and elevates the consciousness.  At all times the symbol has served as a powerful tool in that particular technique. Consider it now from that viewpoint.

Intensive contemplation upon a symbol enables it to become effective. This method can also be followed today if students find it useful. The symbol must be permitted to speak to the inner self. Such exercises when faithfully pursued will reap their ultimate reward.

Imagination can be loosely defined as a veiled perception of truth. Mankind is the only living entity on this planet that can use imagination. It is a gift that most use negatively. Imagination is the picturing power of the mind; it is a constructive, or creative faculty if used correctly. Imagination has been the principal working tool of those outstanding people throughout the long annals of history, whose basic ideas have given us the means to allow us to develop and invent the necessities that allow us to live in the modern world today. Whether you believe it or not, all human beings are created equal; all arrive on this earth plane with only their body (accompanied of course with other subtle bodies, brain centres and facets), and they depart from it in the same way, leaving the body to the destructive elements of the earth, as it can no longer be used in the advancement of the soul. During the interlude on the earth plane, each one has the same struggle for survival, the same basic body to train and develop, and the same brain to think and reason. But each does not have the same opportunities. This is the great philosophical problem or question! Why is this so? These and similar questions will be answered in the following magazines.