Variety is the Spice of Life

Spain (176)There is nothing quite like giving your partner a surprise. If you regularly eat out of a Saturday evening, and your partner is expecting to go to the usual restaurant, why not plan a surprise visit to somewhere else instead, somewhere that you know your partner will immensely enjoy; remember variety is the spice of life! Perhaps your mate loves a certain concert artist. Why not purchase the best tickets available when you know the artist will be performing in your city? When your usual restaurant evening comes up, offer to drive instead to give your partner a break. Of course when you head off in the wrong direction, your mate will want to know what’s going on. Simply answer that you have arranged a special surprise. The very fact that you arranged something they like will really touch them and allow you to bond even closer especially if there has been some distancing in the relationship.

Always remain positive and remember that you can’t change your partner, but…your partner will change and respond differently as you are able to change. There is an old adage that says: “Whatever you are prepared to give, you will receive tenfold.” So be prepared to break the emotional chains that bind you, to free you to experience your highest good; and as you learn to give more of yourself, you will find yourself receiving more, much, much more.

If you feel you can’t express your true feelings and aspirations for fear of upsetting other people, and hold everything inside you, your dreams won’t materialize. Here, you will learn some tips on how to shift the unconscious elements that are holding you back. There is a name for this kind of activity today, it’s called personal growth and transformation. I hope these small hints and tips assist you on your journey through personal growth to your own transformation if you are indeed in a difficult relationship.