Special Easter Edition—Lenten Season

Special Lenten Season Edition
Special Lenten Season Edition

When the ancient mysteries were taught in days gone by, there were always teachers who instructed their most advanced students in secret knowledge about the coming of a Great One. They were also given special exercises to prepare them for when the Master would be available and how to connect. This great Master, in turn, gave specific teachings to all who were interested in developing their spiritual connection to the Source Of All That Is.

Come back with me in time and imagine the conditions that prevailed long ago; the hustle and bustle of the general populace hurrying about their own business, not caring or even noticing the plight of others. In the main, they were much the same as they are in our own present time. Few listened then, or even thought about the deeper mysteries, but a few understood and did something about it, but it was mainly kept secret from others because of the fear of persecution. Today, there are relatively few who believe in the Mystery School teachings and the reality of esoteric or metaphysical temple instruction. Of course, this temple is not physical, and most often, neither is the language used in the instruction.

When the hour of transition comes, the advanced entities pass into the higher mental realms. But those who are still burdened by the recent experiences of earth life, and have refused to clear themselves of their emotional baggage, along with those who have no belief in an afterlife, will find themselves in the various levels of the astral planes, according to their level of spiritual maturity. The various religions designate these realms as heaven or hell.

It was in these dark, lower realms of the astral planes that the Master spent the interval between the afternoon of Good Friday and Easter Dawn. There are some individuals upon earth today who still have the memory of His presence and remember the wonder of His words.

Such privileged persons devote their lives to His teachings and His mission and mostly do not teach openly, but reveal the truth quietly to those who are ready for the deeply profound mysteries.  The information taught publically, is a far cry from the real meaning of Easter.

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