Messages by Denny Daikeler

A heartwarming account of one woman’s awakening to a different level of consciousness.

If you’ve never dipped into the allure of synchronicity, it is almost impossible to describe the mesmerizing moments that begin to appear in life with their secret coded messages. Signs and wonders accompany our journey through the earth plane phase of our existence if we have the wherewithal to recognize them.

“Messages” by Denny Daikeler informs the reader about this secret side of life with an account of her own unique experiences. She starts her story by giving a detailed description of her interaction with a Great Horned Owl and goes on to explain in some detail how the connection with these delightful messengers developed. A higher power uses the owl experiences to initiate her into a different level of consciousness.

Readers will be inspired by this woman’s courage if they have never had a personal experience of interacting with birds or animals; their response to a human can be quite astounding. This account details Denny’s struggle to break through her own boundaries and, as a result, her claircognizance begins to bloom as she puts her trust in that higher power.

As she learns to ask for what she wants, she begins to awaken more, as different facets of awareness come into play. She shares her experiences in a straightforward manner, easily understood by anyone who wants to experiment along a similar vein. In describing how to assemble a collage of the things most people love in life, Denny immediately brings attention to the grounding of awareness and to the focus of desires in a more physical way. Naturally this also helps in being able to manifest those desires on the physical plane. She then couples this with the idea of non-attachment so as not to allow the retention of outworn beliefs.

Natural healing to some people belongs in the paranormal category, but Denny details an example that anyone could try successfully. That being said, her journey at times, has not been easy as old states of consciousness and belief systems have crumbled, leaving her vulnerable and ofttimes bereft. However, she is a fighter, and has a belief in a higher power she inherently knew would support her during her trials. Of course, her beliefs were constantly challenged as different situations arose to confront her newfound beliefs. However, this only made her trust stronger, and her resolve to achieve the almost impossible, paramount. She tells her story with humour as her awareness continues to open through various different experiences, oscillating from human to bird and animal and back to human.

There are many keys in life just waiting to be discovered, and Denny has found hers for this lifetime. Those who resonate with her experiences will gain much by looking in the garden of their own mind. There they will find the flowers of love, compassion, hope, knowledge and ultimately wisdom. Of course, she also subtly reminds each one to pull out the weeds of fear and doubt, lest they strangle out the young seedlings of awareness just waiting to be discovered.

MESSAGES  By DENNY DAIKELER  – A Book Review by Lyn Asmar Principal of the College of Esoteric Education, Brisbane, Australia