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This eBook has a range of Relaxation Techniques For Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Relaxation. Spiritual Healing has always been on the planet, channeling through different people at different periods of time. In reality, there is only one healing function, spiritual healing however the way people use it is totally different, and depends on the modality being practiced. In truth, the energy comes from the same source, regardless of the method used.

Relaxation can be used on its own if you are using physical relaxation because of tense muscles; or you will also find it as a side benefit of meditation. Recent studies have also shown that meditation might reduce artery blockage, which is a major cause for heart attack and stroke.  People who meditate on a regular basis not only experience better health, but also better emotional stability and more mental clarity. Another benefit of meditation is that it not only helps to relax muscles, ease panic, decrease pain, and reduce anxiety, but that it can take you to a higher level of consciousness where you can use it for spiritual growth or for rapid spiritual healing responses.