Spirit Doll Japanese Faries


spirit dollOur beautiful gemstone vessel, spirit doll and wand. This beautiful doll plays host to four very exquisite and benevolent Japanese fairies harvested from a Shinto Temple Garden outside Tokyo city in Japan. They oscillate between the host doll, the pendant that you can wear to take them with you and the wand that you can learn to use yourself.

These four special fairies will grace your life with magic and infuse your spirit with mystery. This special energy of the four fairies will lift your frequency so that not only good fortune but also lucky circumstances will be attracted into your life.

spirit doll

Being mature Temple fairies, they also have the ability to bless your garden so that an abundance of butterflies, to flit among the beautiful blooms will begin to appear. They also delight in opening other realms to allow different mystical creatures to enter your home and garden. These Temple spirits are also quite small and flitter very quickly through the garden or your indoor plants, and like to interact with small children and animals. On the odd occasion they will spread something akin to fairy dust that can sometimes appear on your hands during prayer or meditation. Like most of the fae, these Temple fairies are rather shy, but once they become comfortable in their new surroundings, they will make themselves known and will invite others to join with them in your home especially during meditative times or times of prayer.

If you have worked with the fae before, you may have seen them appear before you, hovering just in front of your face or a little way off. They will make themselves known if you BELIEVE.

I now find that I have too many spirits to comfortably look after, and these beautiful Temple spirits would like to go to someone who has the time to spend with them. If you take a walk at midnight or dawn, you might just happen to see the beauty of the fairies. They are exceptionally intelligent and generally friendly, but it is best to allow them to communicate first.

Please note: Never criticize anything you see the fae doing. They can best be seen if you ask them politely, never demanding. The most important thing about seeing a fairy is that you must believe in them, otherwise you might not get a chance to really see them.

spirit dolls

In time, once they are comfortable with their new surroundings, they will appear to you daily and bring you a peaceful feeling and the level of your psychic ability will increase tremendously. I am sure in my heart that the person destined to look after these little ones will be the one who acquires these lovely enchanted qualities.

This beautiful spirit doll fairy host stands 12 and 1/2 inches tall with her stand; a beautiful new host doll with a secret…The fairies oscillate between the host doll and the pendant and will work through the wand if your desires are sincere. The power of these ethereal Temple fairies will be part of your life. You only have to open your heart, your mind and your home to a unique and amazing experience.

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