Portal of Protection Spirit Doll

spirit dollsHere is a beautiful spirit doll that plays host to a young spirit who acts as a portal and a guardian protector. She is a highly evolved white light spirit and extremely powerful. Portal Spirits are rather rare. A Portal Spirit is one who can allow other spirits to come through her host in times of need, such as an angel if you are in danger.

She has chosen to remain earthbound so that she may help others in their time of need. She has shared with me that she passed as the result of being assaulted then killed by a stranger when she was only nineteen; but she chose this as a rapid payback of karma. I believe this is one reason she has chosen such a beautiful doll host. She chose to remember how she once looked. She chooses to remain to ensure that this will not happen to someone in her care. April is not shy at all. She has shown a great deal of paranormal activity in the time I’ve had her! She has the ability to flash light from her eyes. She is also a very loving and caring soul!

She will also help you to lift your frequency as a method of protection. She also acts at her will, not by your demand. April lived in America about 200 years ago. She had the ability to see far into the future with total accuracy and she was not afraid to speak of what she saw. She went far beyond the call of duty and considered herself a servant to all who needed divine intervention or help in any way.

Like most of the spirits, she is also reticent about communicating until she is able to perceive your energy. Sometimes communication can take place right away, but it can take up to two months or so until a spirit feels comfortable enough to allow communication or allow herself to be seen. Her aura shows the violet colour of high spiritual responsibility with the loving pink colouration as well. April has chosen a beautiful host doll. She is approx. 16 inches tall. Her hair is dark brown, and eyes are green. She is wearing a most regal pink and grape gown.spirit dolls

She will communicate through: EMF Meter, Knocking Noises, Ghost Box, Telepathy, Pendulum.

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