A Scientific Method of Healing

All things are integrated because all issue from the same source to begin with, and the fact that a deep energy transfer can occur between two people is no more miraculous than the fact that two people can shake hands or converse, although this method of healing now is considered scientific. The difference is one of complexity and subtlety. Returning to the event of this cycle end and a new cycle beginning, it will be appreciated that it is not people as such who make the transition from this cycle into the next, because that transition might be many centuries long. It is the group souls and the foci of their stepping down realms that travel that cycle change. It is these that must be oriented towards the cycling in of new requirements and new experiences. The preparation for cyclic change lies there. Part of this preparation involves a resolution of the difficulties that have belonged to this ending cycle. In other words, these energies that project humanity cannot go forward into a newness fettered by the effects of past difficulties. Some degree of alteration is required. The understanding of Para-Energy Therapy’s function in this context is that it has a two-fold purpose. One is treatment of the specific ailments that people wish corrected. The second is this: because the ailment is being treated in subtlety, the causative level of energy, that level, too, benefits. It is freed from encumbrances that in some cases are the product of many centuries’ projection in the physical.