Mystery School

The Mystery School aspect of the College of Esoteric Education offers the deepest teachings available to humanity today. The College is a non-sectarian metaphysical organization formed to teach humankind an awareness of itself and its relationship to the universe. The Mystery School aspect of the College is only available to private students and teaches the deeper truths pertaining to the spiritual makeup of humanity, and leads students through a structured and instructed journey that culminates in the soul merge. With regular one-on-one meditation sessions, taught through the modality, “Pathways to Self Mastery,” students experience energies progressively resulting in profound changes to their personality and a deeper understanding of the world around them. The Mystery School phases are taught privately over many different levels and accommodate all seekers from beginners through to advanced students.

The purpose of the Mystery School is to assist in spreading esoteric knowledge in an ethical manner to all who wish to receive it, regardless of religious denomination, gender, nationality, race, age or social position. The contents of these teachings are in no way derived from the traditional teachings of humankind, and the origin of the teachings emanates from profound energy forces that are part of the structure of this universe. The relevance of these teachings is at once universal and yet specific to that which humanity is experiencing within the cyclic nature of the planet at this time.

Much of the work of the College is carried out through Home Study Courses, but the deeper esoteric teachings are taught privately through the Sirian Mystery School under the umbrella of “Pathways to Self Mastery.” Some of the Mystery School Teachings are available through the Adept Membership on the website.

For those interested in personal tuition, we offer an on-going training by means of a graded structure which allows progress to be made safely and continuously. In this way we are rebuilding the ancient idea of a training and teaching school of the mysteries, within the context of a modern world. For those who cannot attend the private sessions, the Home Study Course is available in instant downloadable modules over the net. The Home Study Course consists of ten modules composed of ten lessons each. The lessons are written in such a manner that they are easy to follow and gently lead students to an awareness that this journey is leading them to the return path to the Source. Students work in the privacy of their own home, independently of other students.

The College is not affiliated with any political or religious organizations. Neither is it affiliated with any other organization on the earth-plane. Please click the appropriate links for further information.

We also produce a free newsletter, “Inner Perceptions” that gives insights into the vicissitudes of life from a metaphysical point of view. If you are searching for the deeper meaning of life, or more advanced esoteric topics not generally given to the public, we have an eZine called “The Inner Sanctum.” Please browse the free online dictionary and other interesting aspects of the site and contact us here if you need further information.

Pathways to Self Mastery—Sacred Journeys—Pathworking the Ancient Wisdom of the Mystery Schools

What you are about to become aware of, are various Meditation Pathways that will enable you to understand and tap into the very fabric of your existence. You will begin to understand how humans, containing a spark of the Vital Life Force of the Universe, come into incarnate existence. You will then learn how to use this energy to attain profound shifts in consciousness through meditation or how to channel it through one of the many Pathways of Healing and Spiritual Growth. This is ancient wisdom and was taught in the Mystery Schools of old. These meditation pathways are practical and demonstrative in daily life; healing can also be used every day to bring balance and harmony into your life and give you a peaceful and joyous existance.

Although the sacred journeys are written mainly for advanced students, who already have some knowledge of the art of pathworking, students just beginning their metaphysical studies will also find our basic pathworking, Journey to the Sacred Mountain both helpful and informative.

All the pathworkings that the College uses have been tested for over forty years by both beginning students and advanced practitioners. If the pathworkings are followed as given by the College, the experience will be both beneficial and uplifting.

The Sacred Mountain Journeys are designed to give students control over their emotional/mental body by allowing them to respond to any situation instead of reacting to it. This allows students to realize their own divinity as creative beings and therefore also realize that their outer environment is a result of their inner thoughts and feelings.

When speaking of the pathworkings connected with the Tarot and Tree of Life it must be remembered that there are only twenty-two paths that link the spheres together with what might be termed, a path. The other ten are the spheres or emanations of the Tree itself. One might describe them as influences, acting as the beginning and ending of each path. Their importance in terms of sacred journeys, stems from the fact that they hold traces of information from the paths that enter and leave them.

It would probably be better to refer to them as an “experience” rather than a path. Now this word “path” is only one of many used to describe the distance running from one sphere to another. Others have used many names for them, such as keys or doorways. They move through the countryside of the mind and can open abilities and skills that lie just beneath the surface of the conscious mind like the hidden gemstones in underground caverns, except we don’t have to blast the earth to get to them.

Leave all traditional thinking behind you when you begin any sacred journey work, as it will impede the wonderful ideas and abilities that are waiting to flow from the inner depths of your being to your conscious mind. The higher self finding itself not encumbered by the ignorance around it, will be able to transmit the messages to the conscious mind like never before.

Pathworking or inspired imagination is a subjective experience that brings the ability to project the inner-self into a series of situations or events that can either be viewed on a mental screen and watched like a film, or, once the mind has been trained, experienced with full sensory perception. Our great teachers of the Sirian Command have now deemed it necessary to open the doors previously sealed to the normal person, those doors to inner perception that prevented anyone except the metaphysician from discovering the secrets of the divinity of the self.

However one does not just wave a magic wand and have these abilities released; the ways of self knowledge need the habit of self discipline and practice to be successful. How often should a pathworking be done? One working a week is usually sufficient for a beginner. An advanced student under training may be able to cope with two, if sufficiently developed in certain areas. Remember a sacred journey or a pathworking is a form of spiritual ritual designed to bring you closer to the Source of your own being. This inner world is there for us to explore and to learn from, but not to use as an escape from reality. The benefits of pathworking are great, and lead to increased awareness of the subtle levels, plus various other benefits dealing with the control of the lower bodies, in preparation for accessing the higher levels.

All the sacred journeys taught through the Sirian Mystery School contain a protective mechanism insofar as they are worked under the archangelic beings of the Tree of Life or under the guidance of the Sirian Command. All journeys have a beginning a middle and an end. Pathworkings on the Tree of Life are also no exception.

Look upon all sacred journeys as mini quests into your own personal universe. This can be every bit as exciting as the strangest of fantasy tales. A Pathworking will affect your life on all levels and continue to do so until the lessons are learned. Not everyone will be affected in the same way or to the same extent. An experienced person will see results sooner and to greater effect than a beginning student. Remember that nothing is won without persistence and diligence and a willingness to explore your own unknown inner territory. Pathworkings can be life changing.