Merkaba Activation

Merkaba meditationThere was much information on our planet that had been lost to posterity; but since the advent of many channels awakening, much of this information has once more been brought to light. Once we show a willingness to want to learn about our true nature, we find that many doorways begin to open to allow that knowledge to filter through. Below is a list of terminology and explanations that may assist the student come to a better understanding of what a Merkaba field is.

In Egyptian terminology, the Transcendent Higher Self was known as the Ptah; the Immanent aspect of the Higher Self was known as the Aumakhua or the Khua or simply the Khu. Other modern terms include: the superconscious mind, the Oversoul, the parental Spirit, the Immortal Spirit, the Shining One, the Master Within, the Christ Within, the Energy Parent, the Celestial Soul.

This is the level that we work with and connect with while activating the Merkaba. The Ka in Egyptian terminology relates to the etheric twin or the etheric double or what we call the etheric body. Ba in Egyptian terminology relates to the emotional part of the soul, what we might loosely term the emotional body today, or what some have termed a lower aspect of the Celestial Soul.

The principle function of every initiate is to perfect the spiritual temple, which means to raise the energies of the physical body to amalgamate with the Higher Soul Self through worthy lives on earth to complete the round of incarnations, so that “one no more has to go out” as scripture describes it. The Higher Self overshadows the personality; its form is an intangible human shape of luminous radiance. It occupies a throne room and dwells in the presence of more celestial beings; hence the name sometimes given as Celestial Soul.

The Aumakhua, the Higher Soul Self is dual in its nature and is composed of both positive and negative aspects or merged male and female aspects; it is an asexual being. The Higher Self and the incarnated soul personality are two parts of the one whole being that are separated only for the duration of the human incarnation. The Higher Self projects a part of itself with its attending reincarnating facets into the subtle human body, for learning purposes and to balance karma. Returning after death to the astral and then on to more subtle planes of existence, the soul gradually becomes refined enough by dropping the personality to reunite with its deeper parts, which have absorbed, as an essence, the experience of the recent incarnation.

Both so called good and evil are absorbed into the three permanent atoms which are projected with each incarnation, until an incarnation comes along that is so light and pure, that the Higher Self absorbs the entire soul essence into its Light at the moment of death, thus absolving the need to ever reincarnate again.

Merkaba Activation takes place initially over four levels and is an intense study of energy and the Light Body structure and how to use the techniques in daily life. Its applications include, activation through instructed meditation, past life clearings and future life resonance, healing applications, as well as many diverse practices applicable to daily living.

Merkaba activation is only taught privately through attunement as part of the deeper meditation program.