Esoteric Tarot Readings

Esoteric TarotAn Esoteric Tarot reading will help you to understand the archetypal energies that are constantly flowing through you and which ones are influencing you at the present time. The Tarot has been with us since the dawn of time in one form or another as it is a pictorial representation of the journey back to the Godhead; and we can see this represented even in certain religious ceremonies today. It only takes a little bit of thinking to come up with the analogy.

The cards are simply used to show the many blessings and pitfalls along the way of that sacred journey back to the Creative Source. Esoteric Tarot readings are not the normal type of reading, but an exceedingly in depth look at the emotional body in relationship to what is going on at the soul level.

These readings are done at a distance and include specific information relating to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concepts of the entity concerned. Health issues are also addressed, as well as Light body, and elemental issues. Other areas addressed include the impaction of any filtering or forces connected with the person concerned.

The readings are of a deep metaphysical nature and are not to be confused with a normal tarot reading. Just look at the Magician Trump. The divine power flows for eternity around the lemniscate, the symbol of infinity, above the Magician. It crackles like lightning around the wand he holds aloft in his right hand, is sent through the Sephiroth of Tiphareth that is the magician’s heart, to emerge from the fingers of the left hand which he is pointing towards the earth. The slight smile that hovers around his features hints that on one level he is simply enjoying the experience. He is detached from what he is doing and yet totally involved, that is yet another magical paradox, one essential to those who would understand the nature and power of true magic.

Readings are totally individual and are not computer generated and because of the amount of time required to channel the information through and then to work out the details of the relationship to all levels, there may be a short delay after ordering.

Enquiries should include only the main area of concern as well as your full name and date of birth, otherwise a general reading will be given. Presented in a 70 – 100 page printed workbook, the reading includes guidelines and areas that require attention to bring balance and harmony to the current incarnation and include exercises for you to work through, bringing to your attention, those areas that may be causing problems and how you can correct them.

The Tarot is to be considered a true metaphysical path and the readings show the blessings and the pitfalls along the way as one journeys towards the Source.

The number of readings per month are limited and are only booked by appointment to avoid delays. The cost of this presentation will be discussed on application. Please phone us on (07) 3219 2086 if you would like to make an appointment or email us at for further discussion.