Ancient Magic

MerlinWizardIn Atlantis or ancient Egypt, there may have been greater magicians than Merlin, but their names have not come down to us. In the West, Merlin is the best known practitioner of the magical art. Like King Arthur, Merlin is a significant player in the British psyche. In this unconscious realm of Britain reside many ancient heroes, but Merlin is probably the most famous. Merlin was an incarnation of the Master Ragoczy and his energy is coming in with the next great Ray to influence humanity; that is why the Merlin information is once more becoming available to genuine seekers. In the invisible realms existing side by side with the conscious plane, are the roots of all the Western Magical Traditions. Merlin is the steward of the power that flows from that mystical plane into the upper world.

With a landscape completely untouched and unspoiled, it is almost impossible to imagine the world of the ancients, living as we do, surrounded by all the changes people have made to the environment. And at what cost to our spiritual lives! In five millennia the magnetic field surrounding Earth has been reduced dramatically. This diminishing of its aura accounts for the loss of the ‘sixth sense’ in some people resulting in a minority having true awareness. But the main reason is that man had to give up his spiritual awareness for the development of the intellect. Now that we have accomplished that, we are in the process or regaining our spiritual faculties once again. Also, we may have gained through the harnessing of natural energies, but we have lost our ability to tune in to our surroundings and be at one with them. A state of oneness with the world is no longer a given as it once was.

This work has been written chiefly for the information of those who are interested in the teachings of the Arch Mage of Ancient Druidism, Merlin. These teachings can be deemed curious and rare, in regard to the subject matter considering Natural Magic, Celestial and Ceremonial Magic Alchemy and Magnetism. The subject matter has been divided into four degrees for ease of understanding and teaching.


The subject matter has not changed over the centuries, but the degrees have been given names applicable to the understanding of the particular degree. They are progressive in the degree of difficulty. The original teachings contained a form of powerful healing. This has been retained for the sake of authenticity. Ragoczy, however, prefers to use the modern format relating to the elements for the Merlin attunements.

This Course is Divided into Four Distinct Degrees

dreamstime_29529801. Neophyte Degree with the King Arthur Attunement relates to the Earthy Elemental principle.

2. Disciple Degree with the Lady of the Lake Attunement relates to the Watery Elemental principle.

3. Initiate Degree with the Morgan Le Fae Attunement relates to the Airy Elemental principle.

4. Master Degree with the Merlin Attunement relates to the Fiery Elemental principle.

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