The Profound Life-Changing Meditation Technique from the Sirian Mystery School


Teaches Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times—Direct from the Sirian Mystery School

What you are about to become aware of are various Miracle Meditation Pathways that will enable you to understand and tap into the very fabric of your existence. This type of meditation is channeled and taught from universal sources that offer humanity their next evolutionary steps. Many have stated that the steps are miraculous and life changing. Please see our testimonial page for those who have completed the steps. If you decide to meditate with this form of channeled wisdom—your life will never be the same! You will begin to understand how humans containing a spark of the Vital Life Force of the Universe come into incarnate existence. You will then learn how to use this energy to attain profound shifts in consciousness through meditation or how to channel it through one of the many Pathways of Healing and Spiritual Growth. This is ancient wisdom in its most profound form.