Meta-Relationship Program

Humanly speaking, nothing has a more profound influence on your behaviour than your inherited temperament. The combination of your parent’s genes and chromosomes at conception, which determined your basic temperament nine months before you were born, is largely responsible for your actions, reactions, emotional responses, and to one degree or another, almost everything you do. This is because, prior to your birth, you chose the parents who could give you those extra traits to help you develop and grow through the various experiences that you have chosen to encounter on your journey through the earth plane phase of your existence. Most people are completely unaware of this powerful influence on their behaviour, and, coupled with the influence of the relationship that exists between their parents, they are conditioned to behaving and responding in a certain manner, and subconsciously, they expect all their relationships to follow a similar pattern.

The basic theory for the different types of personality (temperaments) has been in use for approximately two thousand years and many people have written about the elements and the subsequent personality tempers. According to Hippocrates, we have the four basic personality types. The Choleric temper which comes from the fiery element; the Sanguine temper which comes from the airy element; the Melancholic temper which comes from the element of water, and the Phlegmatic temper which comes from the earthy element. One of the greatest benefits of learning about the temperaments is the relief you feel when you understand why other people react as they do. With this understanding comes the ability to resolve most relationship difficulties

The Meta-Relationship Program will help you to identify those feelings trapped in your emotional body.  It will teach you how to release those repressed emotions that cause you to respond in a way that you feel is  detrimental to a healthy relationship.


These unconscious responses are the cause of much dispute and unhappiness in personal relationships of all kinds because it is not the conscious mind that responds but the unconscious emotional programming that is triggered into action. This program will help you to realize that you are a unique human being with qualities that only you have and in the exact configuration that only you express. It will give you the ability to communicate with your loved ones in a healthy emotional manner thereby creating healthy and loving relationships in all areas of your life.

The Meta-Relationship Program involves an in-depth course format, some Vibronic Kinesiology, personality analysis and channeling of healing energies. The sessions contain Inner Child work, releasing self-sabotage patterns, different healing modalities, meditations and some channeling of energies. Please phone us on (07) 3219 2086 if you would like to make an appointment or email us here if you would like further details.