Medi-Map and Medi-Pic Healing

Medi-Map is the medical assistance program used by the Great White Brotherhood in conjunction with the archangelic realm and the involutionary stream of the devas and nature spirits to assist those who wish to avail themselves of the higher Light frequencies as we transit from one sub-age to the next. Medi-Pic relates the to information given through clairvoyant pictures as the healing energies are implemented. Devas and nature spirits are names that are used to identify two different expressions and functions within the nature consciousness. These two groups interface with the human soul while it is in form on the earth plane.

Medi Map healing

Vortices of Light are created by these intelligences to lower their frequencies and to raise the frequencies of the person they are working with so that healing can take place. The Great White Brotherhood is composed of ascended beings and works in conjunction with the Blue Lodge on Sirius.

Medi-Map takes the whole four-fold-system into consideration – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When it comes to health issues, these four levels interrelate. The Medi-Map teams work on all levels simultaneously and function as a coordinated unit to assist the person back to harmonious health and balanced well-being. Consequently, a Medi-Map session is more comprehensive and its results can be deeper than those of other health systems.There are many different circumstances in a person’s life but the emotional/mental content is automatically registered in the aura and in the subtle energy realms beyond the physical body. Most physical complaints have an emotional/mental base and need to be cleared before physical healing can take place. Depending on whether the complaint is acute or chronic, it will take a while before the auric structure will appear clean and clear but with the help of Medi-Map and Medi-Pic there is no reason why the subtle layers cannot be cleared and brought back into balance, resonance and harmony.

But Medi-Map offers much more than health per se; it also increases our understanding of who and what we are, what nature and reality are, what our place in the universe is, what our responsibilities are, what our main function is whilst on the earth plane, and what amazing opportunities we have while we are here. This is a very energetic form of healing, but is easy for anyone to apply once attuned to the energies.

Why do certain people out of a population survive an epidemic? They do not consciously control or will the immunity they enjoy. Those survival factors are the result of deeper energy states where the operative foci, through many projections into the physical, have learnt an ability for energy management in the face of adverse circumstances. According to the ability for management, there is a resilience born into the person those energies project into, or there is susceptibility.

These stepping down realms within the group soul are common to all humanity. Energies emerge in physical form because they pass through the same commanded patterned, stepping down process. The reason for one person being prone to illness and another not, has its answer in these deeper energy levels.

Given the idea of a new cycle dawning, it must be expected that there will be new requirements introduced. This does not mean, however, that the future will be an affliction free one. Already, there is the appearance of new and strange diseases. Those who would look only to the dawn of a golden age are forgetful of the duality that runs through all things. If the future brings hope for change in many unpleasant aspects of the present, it will also bring a new set of difficulties through which the deeper parts of our existence continue in their learning.

In the application of Medi-Map, an energy transfer occurs through the beings invoked to the person being treated. The energies of this transfer are of varying intensity and subtlety. Some are related directly to the physical. The majority are directed to the more subtle foci of the stepping down realms. The purpose of the transfer is to assist the relevant beings to make the necessary adjustments for a more effective correction of the difficulty or ailment the person is experiencing.

The fact that there are deeper forces commonly involved in the existence of all people helps to explain how an energy transfer is able to occur through and from one level to another.

Medi-Map is taught in small groups over a day seminar from First Degree up to Master Teacher. Prices are available on application. Please email us here for further information. Classes held in Brisbane Australia only.