The College of Esoteric Education teaches a unique range of healing techniques.




healthy relationshipsMeta-Relationships

Humanly speaking, nothing has a more profound influence on your behaviour than your inherited temperament. The combination of your parent’s genes and chromosomes at conception, which determined your basic temperament nine months before you were born, is largely responsible for your actions, reactions, emotional responses, and to one degree or another, almost everything you do.





Reiki is a natural form of hands on healing that is safe and effective even for babies. It can also be used on plants and animals with great effect. The Reiki energy is channelled through the hands of the healer from the abundant source of universal life force energy, and once attuned to this energy, it becomes a simple and natural function that anyone can use.




Headache_complexVibronic Healing

Vibronic healing was born out of a need to reach into the human structure more deeply as the energies of transformation began impacting upon humanity at the current age end in preparation for the new era of Light and Harmony. This naturally caused many disturbances throughout the auric structure and subtle bodies of those interested in moving into the new frequencies…




Medi Map healingMedi-Map

Medi-Map is the medical assistance program used by the Great White Brotherhood in conjunction with the archangelic realm and the involutionary stream of the devas and nature spirits to assist those who wish to avail themselves of the higher Light frequencies as we transit from one sub-age to the next. Medi-Pic relates the to information given through clairvoyant pictures as the healing energies are implemented.