Love at First Sight

canstockphoto16779684Our world is literally full of living energies that contain ideas and information. Some portray a more common impression, and we call these energies archetypes because they convey specific patterns of instinctual behaviour. These archetypes automatically project themselves outwardly from within each one of us onto whatever mirrors are available in our outer world, to reflect back to us what we need to look at. For example, the person who inspires ‘love at first sight,’ is acting as a mirror for unconscious forces tthat are living within them, and each draws the energies to itself, which fit at that level of development.

These energies are powered by the central sun in the solar plexus centre; they are indeed living, intelligent forces that have particular life functions and they influence the tapestry of our lives, sometimes colouring it with bright and dazzling colours, and at other times with dull and uninteresting colours.  They attach themselves, without our conscious aware­ness, to everything we touch or get close to in our world.

Attaching or projecting themselves onto living people, they have the power to influence the behavior of those people, and draw back onto themselves a corresponding projection. The illusion of evil is created by the repression of energy. Evil is unconsciousness. Those who are concerned about its prevalence in their lives might well attempt to seek the source of it within themselves. Evil results from ignorance of the way the laws of the universe work. We come to this conclusion by the words spoken to Peter by the Master when he rebuked him: ‘But he turned, and said unto Peter, “Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men”’. Sin is only separation from your God.

It is strange how everyone is encouraged to understand and believe through another’s experiences or dogma; few people are encouraged to embark on their own inner journeys (except if you meditate), to establish their own spiritual individualities. Few look within where this teacher actually exists, even though the Master suggested that this was the way to do it. Now, love at first sight or falling in love, as opposed to loving, and loving unconditionally, is probably the most prevalent form of accepted projection in human society. It is one way, through the magnetic attraction of the aura, that brings couples together to perpetuate the species.

When we experience love at first sight, we experience the other person mirroring back to us, the projection of some ideal archetypal part of ourselves. The archetype projects onto the loved one, a whole range of potential desires, and emotions that are all provided by the psychological expec­tations of the person projecting the archetype. So, falling in love is literally loving a part of yourself, which the projection process places on another person, and that person mirrors it back to you. If the loved one willingly receives and responds to it, then we say it was love at first sight.

If the loved one rejects the projection, then the other suffers the pain of unrequited love. Love at first sight makes demands on the loved one, be they willing or unwilling. When ‘love at first’ sight turns into ‘loving’ on the other hand, everything becomes free and giving; the relationship operates through loving kindness; it requires nothing in return, has no expectations, and accepts the other without judgment. True love wants only that which can be freely and unconditionally given out of the other’s self. The relationship where love at first sight turns into loving as the initial projection wanes, usually somewhere between six to eighteen months (or when the honeymoon period is over), are those that endure, expressing the greatest beauty, kindness, and compassion.