The Law of Polarity

mysticism 101The law of polarity is too well understood in scientific circles to justify much analysis, except to say that as the law of attraction and repulsion it was understood by the ancients when they devised the Greek cross as a symbol of this law. This cross consists of one horizontal line symbolizing the negative, magnetic force (feminine), bisected by the vertical, positive, electronic (masculine) line.

These two elements in motion were depicted by the swastika, or Greek cross, with short lines at right angles to the arms. If these short lines or extensions were toward the right of the arm, it symbolized centrifugal force; if toward the left, the force indicated was centripetal. These two forces, rotating in opposite directions, could work together in harmony like the gears in a mechanical contrivance. This illustrates the statement that unlikes attract each other, while likes repel each other. The ancients observed that these two forces in exact balance kept the moon from flying off into outer space because of the earth’s centrifugal force caused by spinning on its axis or from plunging downward to earth because of her gravity or centripetal force.

On the surface of the earth, the rays of the sun are positive, while the magnetic currents of the earth are negative. The result is life in all its myriad aspects. The law of polarity is probably one of the least understood laws of the universe.