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seo_cw_product Hi welcome to our great new project Publishing BluePrint!

As a student of Ed Dale I had the opportunity to publish my own magazine so I have published a great magazine called Esoteric Meditation which is available on the app Store globally. I am so excited about my magazine and now have the opportunity to help others create their own. 

Ed Dale and 374 of his students used his Digital Publishing Blueprint & MagCast software to gain over $1.25 million new customers within 11 months… all with NO PAID ADVERTISING!

He’s released a ton of HIGH-CONTENT videos over the past couple weeks, and I just wanted to make sure you had access to ALL OF IT, so you can decide for yourself, how digital publishing…
… which allows you to create your own digital magazines on Apple’s Newsstand (he’ll also be showing how to do the same on Androids and Kindle)…Truly is the WAVE of the future… and the future is NOW.Here’s Ed explaining everything in great detail for you…– A Personal Message from Ed Dale —
With the weekend approaching we have made available all of our materials and videos to help you decide if Digital Publishing Blueprint is for you.
Video 1 – A New Venue
In this video I make the case for why content designed specifically for smartphones and tablets is the largest opp.ortunity we have ever seen. I also use african drummers and church choirs to make my case. I introduce Apple’s Newsstand and the remarkable results our pilot program participants produced (try saying that last sentence fast!).A New Age:

Video 2 – Their Stories, Their Words
I get out of the way and let dozens of our pilot publishers tell their experience. How they didn’t have a Mac or an iPad or any tech experience to speak of. How they became profitable and how they were able to publish from places like Kazakhstan and Nepal.
We also published an in-depth catalog with over 100 magazine case studies from publishers in our pilot program.Real People, Real Stories, Real Success:

Video 3 – Prove It.
In video three, we reveal the answers to 4 key issues…

  1. How to get articles for free from high profile influencers in your markets.
  2. How to get gorgeous images for free.
  3. Prove you don’t need any tech expertise and don’t need any Apple Products…
  4. Prove how you can publish a magazine in six weeks without writing a word. Spoiler alert – We do!

We also offer a bonus video and report which revealed our traffic secrets allowing MagCasters to get sales and build lists from day 1.

No Tech Required, Anyone Can Do This:

The Digital Publishing Blueprint offer is only open for a couple more days, after which the cart will close so we can work with our new publishers.

So, if you’re convinced this strategy is the answer – you can learn more about Digital Publishing Blueprint at the link below:

Get Digital Publishing Blueprint:


— End of Personal Message from Ed —

So there you have it… This is your opportunity to join us and publish your own great magazine click here now to Get Digital Publishing Blueprint:

Looking forward to reading your new magazine.
Lynette Asmar