Mysticism 101 – Module Two

MODULE TWO – Lesson One:

Mysticism 101 - Module TwoIn this study you will learn more deeply about the elemental principles. It may be stated that all human experience is holographic and relative to the person concerned. You will experience the meaning of the element of fire. Fire relates to the faculty of clairvoyance.

MODULE TWO – Lesson Two:

This is the experience of the element of air; the airy principle is involved with the faculty of clairaudience. Clairaudience in its highest aspect is based on the fact that one is able to hear voices at the remotest distance or in other realms, and also to be able to understand the language of all beings. Learn to develop this faculty to connect with your own Higher Self.

MODULE TWO – Lesson Three:

This is a deeply moving experience of the element of water. Similar to all elemental principles, the watery element has also proceeded from the Akasha principle, but in comparison with the fiery principle, it has quite contrasting qualities. These basic qualities are coldness and shrinkage. The watery elemental principle produces the faculty of clairsentience.

MODULE TWO – Lesson Four:

This is the experience of the element of earth; another deeply moving experience that will expand your consciousness and allow you to embrace other realities. The earthy elemental principle produces the faculty of claircognizance. A deeply moving in-depth experience.

MODULE TWO – Lesson Five:

In this lesson, you look at your power to choose: Which category do you belong to? Mastery or suffering is all around you. Which one do you choose? We live in a world of opposites but it is up to you to learn to walk that middle path between those two polarities. This depends upon what you hold in the garden of your mind. Are you planting beautiful blooms or weeds?

MODULE TWO – Lesson Six:

Learn how to tap into the Co-Creative Process. In these lessons, we do not immediately stress physical healing, particularly because physical healing happens as the last ladder in the rung of the healing process and will be explained in depth in later lessons; but we do outline a deep underlying principle that flows throughout the universe, that takes thought and choices and condenses them into form.

MODULE TWO – Lesson Seven:

Learn to trust tranquility: Lots of people get disease (dis-ease) or a condition that they don’t consciously think about because the interaction of the mind/body process is much more subtle and complicated than that. All sickness is only the outer evidence of some disturbance that has come from the inside. Think about this statement: As above, so below – as within, so without.

MODULE TWO – Lesson Eight:

Learn to see the world as a friendly place; sometimes we have areas in the subconscious mind that we are totally unaware of until they rear their ugly head. This is commonly called the shadow side of our lives. If you have a deeply buried sense of hostility, animosity, antagonism, antipathy, hatred or ill-will that puts you on the wrong side of others, it could very well defeat the efforts of any skilled physician in getting you better. You are what you think.

MODULE TWO – Lesson Nine:

Learn how to reclaim your power. You have already learnt how the mind can play an important part in bringing sickness and disease into the body. You are also learning how the power of the mind can restore damaged cells and bring health and vitality back to the body. You can learn to speak to specific groups of your living body cells whose function it is to maintain and care for your body and encourage them back to health.

MODULE TWO – Lesson Ten:

Learn about reunion – reconnection with your Source: You only discover your true self when you have the courage to look within and find a well of light and beauty that you did not know existed, even though it has been there all the time, hidden sometimes by the shadow.

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