Mysticism 101 – Module Three

MODULE THREE – Lesson One:

Mysticism 101 - module threeLearn how your income is a result of your consciousness: ‘The rich get richer while the poor get poorer’ is a saying that has been around for a long time – even a song was written about it. This statement may seem unfair but it is very true because it simply follows the Law of Mind. Once you know how to apply these laws of mind, you can change your experience.

MODULE THREE – Lesson Two:

Nothing can stand in the way of the infinite forces: Has everything you’ve ever wanted only come after long postponements or after terrific struggle, or even not al all? Have you never been able to get what you wanted when you wanted it? Does seeing other people get what they want almost effortlessly frustrate you? This lesson teaches the secret of overcoming the delays in your life. Learn about ancestral thoughts and how they affect the race mind.

MODULE THREE – Lesson Three:

There is no deprivation in Divine Mind: There is an old saying that states you cannot lose what is yours by divine right. But people complain of losing things all the time. Similar to what we were looking at in the last lesson, the ancestral thought of loss or deprivation most often lurks in your basic subconscious attitude. How to overcome this is the basis of this lesson.

MODULE THREE – Lesson Four:

This is about the Power of Choice: Do you see yourself as inadequate or in danger of being submerged by life’s experiences? Does this make you feel depressed? With the help of the Creative Healing Presence, life can become a breeze – but you must choose whether you will put in the effort to change – or not. It all depends on you. No effort is wasted – all is profitable.

MODULE THREE – Lesson Five:

Love is the essence of your being: For a woman, love is the very reason for living. A woman is geared initially into finding a partner who will be the father of her children; the mate who can fulfill her needs not only physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well, but someone who is open to receiving on those levels also. That means someone that she is compatible with on all four levels – a person who is not afraid of change; one who recognizes that life is a journey of two souls helping each other to become fully conscious, loving, human beings.

MODULE THREE – Lesson Six:

This is about your life purpose: Mind is the builder, but can also be the destroyer of the body. The physical body manifests the truth of the soul; it is not only the outer garment of the soul, it is used by the soul as a barometer so that there might be a point of reference to see certain developments. This lesson also gives an explanation of your life chart and the Seven Principles that oversee it. A fascinating study of the elemental principles at work in your life.

MODULE THREE – Lesson Seven:

Learn how to direct the energy: If we give up our personal whims, grudges, attitudes etc. and follow the guidance from our Higher Self then our lives will be “saved” from the grip of the glamour and illusion of the earth plane. This lesson shows how the creative energies step down into nature; a beautiful journey of self-discovery.

MODULE THREE – Lesson Eight:

Learn how to give a spiritual healing treatment (a): If you have read and absorbed the information in this course up to this point you can give yourself an effective spiritual healing treatment. Similar to many other healing modalities, this method will also work for others. Many down the centuries have used the methods given here.

MODULE THREE – Lesson Nine:

How to give a spiritual healing treatment (b): The vital life force is all around you. It is constantly flowing to you and through you – when you invite it in to correct any abnormalities, it is called the Creative Healing Presence. It is easy to understand and work with.

MODULE THREE – Lesson Ten:

How to give a spiritual healing treatment (c): We are now going to continue with a different form of healing – one that you can begin to direct yourself. Now that you are used to working with the Creative Healing Energies, we are going to expand the concept a little and begin to use what we will call the Medi-Ray technique. This is a mystery school technique.

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