Mysticism 101 – Module Six

MODULE SIX – Lesson One:

Learn about spiritual treatment for eye problems: Because the eye is such a delicate organ of the body, everything should be done to ensure its proper and continual care. Such problems as short and long sightedness can be corrected when you know what to do. Important information regarding all eye problems.

MODULE SIX – Lesson Two:

Learn about spiritual treatment for damage to the heart: Always make sure the person has had a medical examination before attempting to treat anything to do with the heart or any serious problem for that matter. We do not teach diagnosis, we merely assist people to make use of their own creative God-given energy forces or powers.

MODULE SIX – Lesson Three:

Learn about spiritual treatment for diseases of the blood: There are many distresses that can affect the blood stream, the veins and the arteries so it is well worth knowing how to correct them. Some of the problems may relate to anemia, leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, or blood poisoning and varicose veins.

MODULE SIX – Lesson Four:

Spiritual treatment for glandular problems (1) – a direct channelling from the Source: Many ailments are a result of glandular imbalance so an explanation of how this system operates is given here. Also, we wish it clearly understood that we are discussing energies and the impact of those energies upon the glands that can transform energy into mass.

MODULE SIX – Lesson Five:

Spiritual treatment for glandular problems (2) – a direct channelling from the Source: We now continue our discussion on the endocrine glandular system in its functioning. The glands themselves are arranged in a gradient; that which is closest to the centres which impact upon the physical are concerned with the continuance of the species and so on.

MODULE SIX – Lesson Six:

The emotional origins of sickness – a direct channelling from the Source: I intend describing for you those areas of turbulence that are called disturbances. I wish to describe the way they begin and to give you as clear an idea as I can pass to you of their nature, their beginning, and their end and so on.

MODULE SIX – Lesson Seven:

Healing colours and their application: To live in a more colourful world is a very exciting prospect; do you realize that you can access this colourful world with a little effort? A description of the healing colours and their application.

MODULE Six – Lesson Eight:

Colour and its relationship to the body: Now that you have had a chance to look at the various frequencies of the colours that are most common, we are going to look at how some of these colours impact on the physical body according to the effects of the elemental principles.

MODULE SIX – Lesson Nine:

Meditation and peace of mind: When you are peaceful inside, the body naturally gravitates towards health. If you are battling a serious illness and are looking for a way to help yourself, to gain peace of mind, well-being and real health through a natural process, it is time to take some time out to meditate. This lesson contains a beautiful exercise that will help you not only to relax but also promote health and well-being.

MODULE SIX – Lesson Ten:

There are nine important rules to follow in any healing process: Remember that each thought you hold is imprinted into the Akasha principle and affects the whole planet.

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